My laser tube just shattered!

My hands are still shaking. I am in shock. I was in the middle of a print and it just “popped”.


Oh no! :disappointed:


Wow… that is concerning…


Yikes! Is there coolant coming out of the machine? Or does the tube enclosure hold it in?

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I didn’t think so, but under further inspection there is.



That’s frightening. Considering the colder temperatures right now, I hope that wasn’t due to thermal contraction. Boy…that’s REALLY worrisome.

I keep mine in the basement, where it regularly 59 degrees.
Hmmmm. Not good at all. Paging @dan

Eek. Hope it’s just a onetime anomaly.

Was it the first print of the day? Your post is 6 hrs ago, late in the evening after a long run of prints? Full power print? Give us some more details if you can, this is very alarming.

So just being nosy was this first print off the day? Is it cold in the room you’re using the GF?

I’m sorry your tube broke like that but now I guess we’ll see what warranty replacement on tube looks like unless they just replace the whole thing

Edit: slow typing and now see others with same questions


I print at night while everyone is sleeping. It broke at 4:15 am my time. It was the last print of the day.

I am sure GF HQ has logs, but I think it was 4th or 5th job. 3mins, 8mins, 2hrs, 12mins or something like that. But that shouldn’t matter if the glowforge is supposed to shutdown to cool.


Like others, I was wondering if there was a they’ll issue. Not a great way to end the night.

4:15 am, wondering what your dew point was last night and if moisture came in through your vent and caused the hot tube to crack.

Really sorry about your tube, this sucks. Hoping for a Christmas miracle on a replacement for ya.

Just realized you are in Orlando, shouldn’t been too cold or too humid there. Just spit-balling on why.

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How scary! So sorry this happened!

this is not good…


That’s terrible! Looking forward to understanding the cause of this. It is helpful to support to know the date, time and time zone so the can look at the logs.

Possible the temperature sensor failed?

Support, this is the stuff of nightmares for owners, please don’t close this ticket until the problem is understood and reported!


Or if a software update had a conflict with the temperature/ cooldown control. It would be nice to see changelogs.


This is like when people asked if when I broke my leg skiing it was at least on the last run of the day - yep, certainly was…


I can imagine that was scary! Agree with the others. It will be important to know the cause. How disappointing to be cranking out designs and then have to stop and wait for a repair.

It will be interesting to see if there is an option for replacing the tube - so we can get a view of what the process will be like when the tubes start to wear out in a few years


I don’t think GF was expecting to have that ready so soon.