My machine will not turn back on

I was working with my glowforge today and wanted to print something off the catalog. I noticed that halfway throught my print job the laser stopped beaming and only the arm and camera head is moving without cutting or scoring. I stopped the print, canceled the job, then turned off my glowforged. I wipped all of the cameras but when I tried to turn it back on it wont even light up at all. I dont get it, my machine hardly has any miles on it. I use it maybe once every two months to make small simple projects. Help, what do I do? I have a glowforge pro, its will be a year on October 18th.

Contact support right away, so you can get it replaced.

It sounds like your power supply failed.


You maybe right. I turned it on just now and it did Power on. I received an email from gf to inspect the printer head mirror to see if it was damaged. No damages at all to my printer head or anywhere else on my machine. I attempted to power back on and nothing again it wont power up.

I have heard the horror stories about bad machines and receiving replacements that is even worst. I used proofgrade materials and used a file from the catologe. This is a huge bummer, hopefully GF reach out soon.

As long you have reported the issue within warranty, they will take care of it. Also, any replacement that doesn’t perform correctly will also be replaced.

Okay so I just checked my order history for my machine. I ordered it on October 1st, 2021 but it didnt get filled until October 18th I dont remember when I actully received the machine. When exactly did my warranty start?

I can’t say with certainty, support certainly can.

This is on the page for warranty, however:
If you purchase your product directly from Glowforge, warranty coverage for your product starts on the date of shipment to you (the original purchaser).


People don’t usually write stories on the internet that go “I had a problem, they replaced it and things were great” :slight_smile: but complainers tend to be common. Don’t let the ‘horror stories’ scare you.


But it really does scare me. Is it possible that maybe I’m not using my machine often enough? I feel like I do all the right things to protect my GF. I clean it after every use, I remove the vents to avoid moisture from coming in, I use proofgrade materials, I never leave it alone while in use and no one else uses it other than myself. I haven’t even tested out my pass through yet. It really saddens me that only a few day prior my warranty canceling this is happening. I know I’m lucky this issue can up right before my warranty ends but still. Im currently still waiting for GF customer service to reply back to my emails. We shall see what happens.

I was able to turn it on but when I tested a print it did not cut, engrave or score. I turned it off for a few hours and it won’t turn on again. This is so odd. I truly hoped to be one of the lucky ones who had no issues with their machines and able to use it for years to come.

That right there is a bad idea, unless you’re using it for 40hrs or so straight. Some materials like draftboard are more dirty and require a basic cleaning of the optics a little more often.

That said, it still sounds like a power supply failure.


It was recommended to use a clean lens wipe after each use because I do mostly use proof-grade draftboard. Will the power supply affect the lasering process as well? Because every so ofter when powering up is successful, it still won’t cut, score or engrave.

Yes, it is one power supply for everything.

I have used a fair amount of draftboard and have probably cleaned my machine’s optics 15 times or so in 5 years. It is not necessary to clean after each use.


okay, so you would recommend to stop fussing with my machine and wait for further instructions from GF? I think all of this has me a little anxious. Thank you so much for your advice and insight.

You have little choice. Support may take a some time to get back to you. If they have determined the machine needs to be replaced, they will have to wait to hear from the manufacturer as to when one will be available.

Update: Patrick from customer service wrote and I guess after investigation they are offering a refurbished placement and my warranty will remain as the original which ends on Oct 18th. This is frustrating because what if this refurbished machines breaks down after a week? I will be left with a $5000+ paper weight. To add to my frustration, I ordered a few things from glowforge only to have items missing. What is going on? I expected so much more from GF and I loved my machine. Anyone with advise?

No advice except to keep in touch with Glowforge about any problems. Support does have its shortcomings, but they will make things good with you. Let them know about any products missing from your order, as well.

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Why is this frustrating? I’ve never known an electronics warranty that works any different. Glowforge is offering to replace your $5000 paperweight with a tested and working same-model laser cutter for free. If it breaks down after a week, they’d send you another one since every refurbished replacement comes with an additional 90-day warranty.

You can never be left with a $5000 paper weight unless you choose not to repair or replace it. Glowforge always offers to do so, in or out of warranty. Warranty status just decides who pays the costs, which are significantly less than buying another laser.

Nothing new. Glowforge doesn’t pack and ship their own orders, a fulfillment company called DCL Logistics does that for them. Sometimes they make mistakes. Contact Glowforge and they’ll fix the mistake.


Not correct. Only replacements that are purchased at a discount get the 90-day warranty.

It’s clear on the page you linked to:

Your replacement printer will be covered for any time remaining on your original manufacturer’s warranty

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I disagree on both points, as I think the page is clear that replacement machines are covered for a minimum of 90 days regardless of your original warranty.

If your warranty coverage period has expired, the replacement will not come with a new warranty, but it will be covered by a 90-day guarantee. Every refurbished replacement printer is covered by a 90-day guarantee.

If the replacement arrives damaged, it’d be covered by the original warranty. If it stops working a week after that warranty expires, it’s still covered by the 90-day guarantee.


It’s somewhat ambiguous since the “every refurbished replacement printer is covered by a 90-day guarantee” is subordinate to the “If your warranty coverage period has expired”. Since the OP’s warranty has not expired then Support’s reading is likely to prevail - the part where Patrick said the “warranty will remain as the original which ends on Oct 18th”.

For a company so afraid to even breathe without consulting the friendly neighborhood lawyers, they’ve got some truly crappy language out there that lends itself to people looking for ways to twist things the way that favors them.