My pro won’t take photos

Glowforge pro won’t take pictures, it’s 8 months old. It was fine last night and now- nope won’t go. Is there anyway to still use it or is it just a giant paperweight. Just like everyone else this is my busiest season and I’m already ready to flip out.

Presuming you mean you’re getting the “camera didn’t take a picture” error - that’s often that the cable has broken, take pictures of these connections and post them here so a staff member will see them when they get to your ticket:

Also, you should first go through all the steps here - because it’s not always a cable, and wouldn’t it be great if it were something you could fix at home:


Hi @passionforezra. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into some trouble with your Glowforge Pro indicating it is having trouble taking photos. I’ve extracted the logs from your Glowforge and saw the printer’s lid system was having trouble communicating with the rest of the printer. The issues you’re seeing might be caused by a poor connection with the cables on your lid. Please follow the steps below to check the lid connections:

  1. Turn off your unit.

  2. Open the lid.

  3. Using both hands, gently roll the laser arm to the front of the unit.

  4. There are 5 clips pictured below. Check each one to ensure it is closed. The clip should lie flat, and you shouldn’t be able to flip it in any direction.

  5. Take close up photos of the 5 highlighted connections above, and attach them to a response.

I can review those for any next steps needed to help you get this resolved. Thank you!


So It was the black Cord that is covered under warranty. I was suppose to have one shipped to me, I haven’t heard back from you guys at all.
Passion For Ezra

Hi @passionforezra, I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the camera. I just replied to your new post where you noted that the trouble with the camera not taking a picture error has been resolved. I’m going to close this forum post and will continue working with you on the new post.