My Venting Setup


In anticipation/hope that my Glowforge (expected to be named Lazy) will arriving “early”, I have been getting my setup fully ready to go.
I already wrote a post about My Glowforge Table. This post is about my newly complete venting setup.

A few important items for context:

  1. My Glowforge will live in my home office, which is on the main floor. It does NOT have a dryer vent built into the wall. It does have a horizontally sliding window and a nice view.

  2. My house has rules regarding things that are ugly, even if they are functional. In short, they are not allowed.


Total cost: around $25

How did I do it?

You should already know from My Glowforge Table post that I love hacking IKEA products. So, I purchased an OXBERG Black-Brown Glass Paneled Cabinet Door from IKEA’s “as is department” for $9.99
It is usually $50 and nothing was wrong with it, so this was a great deal. I almost payed the extra $40 for the off the shelf white version so that I wouldn’t have to paint the final result. In retrospect, I totally should have. I spent way too much time painting it white!

Anyway, the cabinet door was way too tall for my window, so I took it apart, cut it to length and then put it back together. At that point, it looked like it did before, but shorter.

I saw Marmak3261’s post a while back about a quick disconnect vent hose coupler and thought the concept was a great idea. In this case, I will likely want to install/uninstall my window vent panel often. Having it detach from the dryer hose would make that much easier.
I chose to execute Marmak’s design using stock parts. I chose the Dryer Dock, which you can see here:

For the back side of the Dryer Dock, I used a “siding vent”. I chose a siding vent because my window has a mesh screen that I don’t want to take out. After all, I’m not a fan of bugs inside my house.
Siding vents tend to be lower profile than other types of exhaust vents, so it fits in front of my existing screen no problem. One important thing to note is that siding vents stay closed whenever air isn’t flowing through it going OUT. Therefore, it prevents cold air coming through the vent and inside my house during the winter and hot air during the summer.

Note: I had to heavily modify the siding vent and the Dryer Dock so that they would fit together properly and be 100% sealed against each other and my window vent panel.

If you want to see what the final panel looks like by itself, you can see it here:

Oh yeah, I did add a handle to make putting the panel in place a whole lot easier.

I think that covers everything.
Now all I need is the Glowforge Pro that I ordered OR a pre-release unit…


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Nice job! :relaxed:


That looks really nice! Since we’re venting out of the front of the house, I really wanted something that looks clean and discreet. Ours is okay but yours is way better … I may take a little inspiration from you and modify mine a bit now :wink:

Also, you’re wise to be prepping now!


I am going to have to do something like this. Thanks for sharing! I really like the quick connection.


What a terrific project!


That is one tidy job.
Looks good and you still have your view.


Thanks for posting! I appreciate seeing the different options folks are coming up with. I’m sure they’ll all have some influence on what I eventually come up with.


So I can tell you, the area between the screen and window is already piling up ash… That’s in 2 day of use. I was sort of surprised at how much stuff is building up, and if I was keeping it through the window (instead of permanently installed from my basement workshop via rigid piping) I would remove the screen (which I will do next week and clean the sill)

As you may have seen in my noise video post the flaps work fine.

Now I notice a bird feeder right near your vent. I can promise you no birds will be coming to that feeder with your GF venting nearby. A) it is surprisingly loud and B) large amounts of smoke. Birds who don’t understand how awesome the Glowforge is, will naturally fly away from fire/smoke…





Do you also have an exhaust leak that is affecting the house or just overdosing on caffeine this morning?


Dude - it’s mating season again. I have been getting less than an hour and half of sleep a night for the last 3 or 4 days. Waking up at 2 am, 3 am, 4 am … all blessed night long.


I know you are referring to the birds, but re-read your post with a different mind set :laughing::laughing::laughing:


What @PFI-Guy said.


Yeah…okay…:flushed:…full blush again…these thing’s don’t happen when I’m not sleep deprived…
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LOL!!! First reaction was “what is he talking ab------OHHHH”


That one made me spew my coffee, too funny.:grinning:


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@Jules and @PFI-Guy you sure know how to wake up my eyes! :laughing:





Is this one of those side effects the blue pill commercials warn about? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: