"Name Snowflake" SVG Generator

Several folks recently asked how to make “Name Snowflakes”, so I made this Cuttle template to easily generate and experiment with these designs.

name snowflake2

Here’s the customizable template:

You can type your name in, change the font, change the positioning of the text, etc.

The positioning of the text has a big effect on the look, as it gets mirrored and rotated.

It also includes a hole on top for hanging!

When you have a design you like, click “Download SVG” and it’s ready to engrave and cut! :snowflake::snowflake:

I’d love to see pics if you end up making these… Happy holidays! :snowman_with_snow:


Very awesome, thanks for the share. I made some of these last year!


These are terrific. Thanks.


So thoughtful, thank you!


This is really excellent Toby. Nice.


I made one too. I just didn’t get a chance to finish it.

Interesting we had very similar variable names. At first I made it for engraving, but then added “Remove Holes” to make it an all cut job. I like the speed.


This is great - thanks so much!


This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!!


Can I ask… what is a cuttle template? Is that software called Cuttle???


Cuttle.xyz is a web-based design tool for laser cutting. It’s free to get started (or paid for all the features and unlimited access). I am the co-creator of it!

One of Cuttle’s features is that you can define “parameters” which are numbers, text, font selectors, etc. and then use these parameters in parts of your design. When you change a parameter, the design updates live.

We’ve made a variety of free templates that let you quickly customize designs. There are press-fit boxes that you can change the dimensions, customizable keychains / name tags / garden markers where you can type your own text, etc.

To use any of these, just click the link to the project, for example the snowflake generator. You’ll see an area on the right where you can customize the design (type your own text, etc). Then click “Download SVG” when you have a design you like. You can then upload this SVG design to Glowforge to cut it.

We also have a YouTube channel with lots of video tutorials.

There are also a ton of cool projects that people from the Cuttle community have shared that you can explore here.

Happy to answer more questions!


Can this software be used on an iPad?


It works on an iPad if you connect a mouse.

We don’t yet support touch input but we’d like to eventually!

Is touch / Apple Pencil input something you’d want? If enough people want this we can prioritize it.


Thank you for the explanation. Can this snowflake generator be used to commercial purposes. In other words can I make them to print and sell?



@tobyschachman seems like you need to add a way for authors of generators to provide clear terms of use / licensing. :wink:


Excellent share, thank you for your generosity! I’m sure results from your work will grace many homes. :sunglasses:


Fun and cool generator…thank you very much!

I just tried it and didn’t follow through with the actual engraving because of this… all screenshots showing the ending A’s in the name;

Looked great both in regular and outline view…no broken lines, no duplicates or mess of any kind;

Then this is what shows in the GFUI. Zooming in does show that a whole bunch of spaces have fill in them.

I rasterized it and it appears that will work. Is this the common way to treat these files? I was hoping to just use it as I got it.


I made one and cut it and it was perfect.

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It’s free for personal use.

For a commercial license (if you’d like to print and sell them), you can upgrade to Cuttle Pro.

Thank you for asking!

@jestelle Thanks for the feedback! I agree we need to make it more clear the licensing for Cuttle’s official templates and have a way for creators to specify the licensing for their shared projects. Will start working on that! Let me know if you have any suggestions / requests for that, as I know you’ve shared some projects in the past.


Thanks for the report! I can look into this.

Would you mind sharing the SVG you downloaded from Cuttle? You can share it here or DM it to me or email toby@cuttle.xyz … whatever you prefer.

You should be able to go straight from the SVG downloaded in Cuttle to Glowforge without any other intermediate steps necessary. So if that doesn’t work I’d consider it a bug and will fix it! :lady_beetle:


I love the ease of this. Thanks for sharing it.

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