Need a little design help with a Dominion lazy susan

So I’m creating a lazy susan for our many, many, many games of Dominion that we have coming up (we have 14 sets to dig through!) and I’ve stumbled upon a very generous person who posted a CAD file for this beautiful object:

The issue I’m having is trying to figure out how to break this up in the laser so I can cut pieces. It’s 2’ in diameter, so obviously I can’t jam a board in there and say cut. I do have a Pro so I can utilize the pass through slot and thought about just dividing the board in 1/2 and going that route.

I am a woodworker with a full shop, so any manner of pieces / glue ups / etc doesn’t at all scare me, but I don’t want it to look like Frankenstein when I’m finished, I’d like a nice, consistent look. Here’s what the CAD file looks like:

Again, my thought is to just split it in 1/2 and use the passthrough. I’ll stack layers to get the overall height needed, and I could grab 2 sheets of proofgrade Walnut for the top layer to get a nice consistent look. Or I have some amazing burl veneer I could glue to 1/8" baltic birch, but I’d need to do that in normal 12x20 panels. I just can’t wrap my brain around 4 different panels, but that might be the easiest. Perhaps small notches in each panel to hold them together with the glue up.

Any other brilliant design ideas here? Thanks in advance!


You could do it in pizza slices pretty easily, and even do some fun tricks with the butt joints to make them more attractive:


I’ll also say that the picture of the board at top isn’t the same as that cad screenshot. There are significantly more “slots” on the outside rim, which makes for some pretty thin connections. As you cut something like this, especially in hardwood, you can have some nasty weak spots depending on grain orientation to those thin bits. I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t know – you’re a woodworker so this is likely on your radar already.

That being said, this sort of design would be very simple to do in inkscape/etc and you could cater it to be exactly what you need.


Yeah, there a quite a few differences between the picture and the design below.

Since this isn’t actually made on a :glowforge: yet, I am going to move it.


Yea - my bad, I should have put it in here to start. Thanks!

Yes, I should have clarified that, as I saw that too. I’ve since deleted a few slots and moved the others around, so there will be more material as I go.

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The pizza slice idea is wicked cool. Let me think on that one.

I like the idea of using a veneer to cover the seams, you would just need a piece big enough.


So I think I’m full redesign utilizing a pizza slice idea. The biggest thing to work out is the math - we want 14(ish) slots around the outside as you’ll typically have 10-12 piles of cards, plus the victory and buy cards, not to mention artifacts, projects, etc from various sets. We played a game with Renisannce last night and had 3 artifacts and 2 projects along with 11 buy cards. So slots is a premium thing, but I may need to divide into pizza pieces evenly and see where the cut lines fall.

IF I could get an actual 12" of cut on the bed, it’d be perfect to divide it into 4 sections, but that’s out.

Back to the digital drawing board.


Not sure what software you’re using, or if you’re done a project like this before… But if you run into any snags and are using inkscape, I’ll be happy to help with any of the details. Learning how to use inkscape’s rotation functions to evenly distribute things along a circular path is a good skill.

You know if you’re considering a full remake, you don’t have to go with circular… you could make it any shape you wanted, and can cater the design to be more easily created in the Glowforge. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun project. I’ve never played the game before, but you seem to be really into it, so it should be a labor of love, yeah?


Purely AutoCAD here - been using that since 1993 and I can’t break the habit, I’m just too fast with it. It also has the tools you’re talking about with arrays and what not, so I can figure it out with that in the end. And I really really appreciate the offer of help!

I am thinking of a complete remake now. There’s no reason for it to be circular, and honestly I don’t like the radial nature of it - we use a lazy Susan now and turn it toward the player who’s turn it is. The radial idea has cards pointing every different direction, I don’t think I like that, so perhaps a full re-design is in order.

And yes - definitely a labor of love! We have 100+ games in our collection and we kinda went all in for Dominion as we love it so. We’ve played all of the legacy games out there and we were looking for a new one. Dominion isn’t legacy, but with 14 different expansions we’ll never play the same game twice and can build on what we like.


It pays to stay nimble working with a preliminary design!

That didn’t even occur to me.

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Instead of full slices, circle in middle then the slices outboard


Yep, that’s what I would do.