Need a local GF buddy

Hello all. I am a GF newbie and could use someone to help show me the ropes. I have what may be some dumb questions like: on the apps page some of the items there don’t indicate what Proofgrade material to use. Like the ear protectors for example. I got a starter pack with GF, but I can’t find any where a chart that recommends what material for a design. Does the bar code on the material automatically make adjustments for scoring, engraving and cutting?
Is there a book beyond the manual (which was not too helpful with these questions). I live in bucks county pa. Are there local groups or clubs around that I could join?


Everyone is making their earsavers out of PG medium acrylic. Doesn’t matter if its clear or a color.

The bar code on PG materials only allows the GF camera to identify which material is placed on the bed of the Glowforge…which when successful, will automatically insert the best settings for cut, engrave and score. You still must decide which of those three steps you want to have done with your file. Hope this helps.


You say local, but without knowing where you are it’s hard to suggest something.

As for the need for local… I mean this forum is on your pc, your phone, your iPad… the people here are chatty and responsive, between searching for old threads and starting new ones there is almost nothing you can’t find out.


Hereis some good reading for the fundamentals of designing for the laser.
This is a bunch of tutorials the company and community members have put together.

It may seem intimidating at first ( it was for me), but it really isn’t difficult, and you’ll pick up the basics quickly.
To get the most out of your glowforge, you will wast to familiarize yourself with a design program. Inkscape is a popular choice, and you will find tutorials for it and other design software in that link I gave you.
As @evansd2 said this place is the best accessory for your new laser.

There are also many YouTube tutorials for specific tasks.
You have some reading in your future! Have fun!

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Reading is hard, @xabbess. :slight_smile:

Must have missed it on my phone, that’ll teach me!


Reading is 43 miles away from bucks county :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying. I live in Doylestown, which is Philly suburb. And yes, I know there is TONs of info here, but I takes a lot of time to weed through it all. I was looking for a quick start that would help me through some basics instead of stumbling through. Also, people learn in different ways- sometimes having a mentor or teacher is better for some.

Hi! Thank you for pointing to me a good direction. I will check out the reading you recommend and I’m going to teach my self Inkscape as well.

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Reading is not too far from Doylestown. And you have the Reading Phillies!

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