Need help correctly saving/exporting files created in Affinity Designer

Can someone PLEASE tell me step-by-step how I should be saving files in Affinity Designer so they are at the correct scale when uploaded into GF?

I use Affinity Designer to create files and export them as SVGs. When I upload a file into GF, it is never at the proper scale. It’s always too large. I suspect it has to do with the way I save the files once they’ve been created. Help please. Thank you.

I don’t regularly use Affinity Designer, but here are lots of posts regarding your question: Search results for 'affinity design export' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

Most likely you’re using SVG files. SVG files size things in pixels (due to SVG being designed primarily for the web) so if Affinity Designer isn’t configured to use exactly the same DPI settings as the Glowforge then the sizes end up incorrect.

Here are three different ways you can make sure your Affinity Designer files will import at the correct size in the Glowforge user interface:

  1. Use PDF files rather than SVG. PDFs use real-world units so they should always import at the correct size. (Glowforge has a few quirks related to PDF files, but most of them have been ironed out over time. Of course it has a few quirks with SVGs, too.)

  2. Set your document size in Affinity Designer to 20 inches wide and 12 inches tall. If you do this then the Glowforge overrides its normal DPI settings and everything should just work. Note that the paper size must be set to exactly 20"×12" for this to work. (I’d recommend creating a custom page size preset in the New Document window.)

  3. If you want to use SVG files and not have them sized exactly 20"×12" then you need to make sure you export the SVG at exactly 96 dpi.


I use Affinity. The main thing that will address that problem is to make ALL of your projects using a 20x12 artboard…all your work will import at the correct size.

Here are the settings I use for everything;

Make sure your resolution is set at 96, also.

I made a preset with my settings, so everytime I open a new Glowforge project, it’s all set up correctly.

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We were typing at the same time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Where do you get that window with the settings? I don’t see anything like that on my UI. Where would I find it?

Never mind, I found the window in document setup. Here’s the thing…I have the same settings with the exception of Image Placement Policy. That was set to Prefer Embedded. I changed that setting to Prefer Linked to match your settings, exported my file as an SVG, uploaded it to GF and it’s still coming in at a gargantuan size. The graphic I’m trying to export is a tiny oval less than an inch high. However when I exported as a pdf I had more success. So I guess that’s going to have to be my go-to solution. Thank you for your suggestion.

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Thanks for your reply. Of your suggestions, the only one that seems to work for me is exporting as a pdf. I already have been using your other suggestions and they didn’t work so I thought I was doing something wrong. Perhaps my software is wonky. Anyway, pdf appears to be the answer to my dilemma. Thank you very much.

A second (third) vote for saving as PDF. I teach people to use a few different machines that rely on SVG data, and they respond to it inconsistently. PDF works across all of the machines.


Did you do the part with the art board? That will solve it even if AD changes stuff with their next update.


What do you mean, the part with the art board? Are you referring to the page size of 20 x 12? If so, yes, I did that but it didn’t work. If that’s not what you’re referring to, please clarify because I’m not sure I understand. Thank you.

Yes this

That’s hard coded into the :glowforge:. If your page size/art board is 20 inches by 12 inches the :glowforge: ignores DPI and imports it the same size as it is in the art board. Are you certain you’re not accidentally dragging the item and changing its size?


In SVG export, in addition to setting the DPI to 96, try disabling “Set view box”.

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This is my template and how I get to it.
File / New
Templates / Wherever you save your Templates
Click on the Template then click Create

This is my template file. Note the directions - if you don’t delete the cutting area border it will link itself to a piece of your design in the Glowforge and make it a mess to move around or edit your design. (54.1 KB)
This is an aftemplate I had to zip it so I could upload it to the forum.

Once I create my design, I export it as an svg and drag and drop to the Glowforge dashboard.

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