Need setup manual

My Glowforge arrived with no manual or setup instructions or power cord.
I don’t know what else might be missing???
I would realy like to use it after the years of waiting and this seems like a cruel joke, Glowforge and no instructions.
Please help!!

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Ouch what a bummer!

I’m not Glowforge staff but email and they can get you a replacement cord ASAP I’m sure. It happened to someone else before.

As for the manual there should be a link to it in the email you received when they asked of you wanted your Glowforge shipped.

@Rita should get you fixed up really quick.

Just as a side note, what condition was your box in?


you should find the manual here.


Box was OK, it was dropped off by ups they never contacted me.
I emailed support and got an automated response that an answer may take up to 3 days and that they monitor the forums so I wanted to post here as well


the automated response says 3 days but they are usually much faster.

Good idea! @Rita with support seems to be responding to support threads more than ever.

thank you for the help with the link to the file!!!

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Welcome to the club!
As @soldiercoleman stated, you can find the manual here.
You can use any standard 3-conductor power cable. The exact same one you’d find you attach to your desktop computer, monitor, or countless other devices. If you don’t have any extra, you can find one at many of your local stores… Wal*Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target…

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There should be a link to the manual in the email they sent you. I don’t think they sent out any paper ones. Or the links provided above should work.

I agree with everyone above, contact support about the power cord. If you do get one yourself, make sure its its 16awg or less.

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Check under the foam in the bottom of the box. In fact pull out all of the foam to check it. The cord wasn’t in an obvious nook or pocket on the top - it’s been under everything and overlooked by a couple of people.


Several, even :wink:


On the app page, do you have a link to the Support Page with the setup instructions here?

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I notice that the manual has changed since the last time I looked at it but it is still labelled Version 2.0. This is terribly bad practice and totally unprofessional for a product that is in production.

There should be a new revision for each change with a date and a list of changes. How else can anybody keep themselves up to date with the latest information without reading it over again and trying to spot what has changed?

The same applies to the “Latest Improvements” page. The entries should be dated so people know if something has changed since they last ran a job that might affect it. In fact when you use the Glowforge app it should alert you to what has changed since you last ran a job.


Wow. It has changed and no version update.
So… I think it’s time for a Version Control SOP!!!


Just a reminder…Everyone needs to follow the link in your email to download the correct version of the User Manual for your machine.

The one posted at the link is a rough draft for reference, and is probably not complete or updated.


I was going to post the same thing…

Then I went to my email and clicked on the link, and it goes right to the same link above… D’OH!


Does it really? ROFL! Okay, never mind! :rofl:

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The manual linked above is a good start but it is out of date. I’m very sorry. It it doesn’t describe the packaging you’ve received.

Remove the top layer of the rear foam block to reveal your Printer Head and power cord. If either isn’t there, please let me know!

Once you’ve unpacked, the assembly instructions in the current manual are accurate. Let us know if you need anything along the way.



It is still a draft. But it has been updated, but it still has the same version #. So if I were to look at it, I’d say “Oh. That’s the same version I already read.” when, in fact, they’ve made changes but didn’t say they did with a new version #.

Basic versioning includes even when drafting, you still update version #'s as you make changes. Even if it’s a .x.x.x increment. And somewhere one should note what was changed. And that could be an internal-only thing. But tracking changes is important for everyone involved. Even if it’s just for the obvious “… gets hit by a bus and somebody needs to take over editing” scenario.


Plus the older versions didn’t say draft. So it has gone from looking like a finished document to an unfinished one that is more complete. Placing them side by side you would think the older one was more recent.


Mmmm… I could swear when I got my unit the manual said Draft. And that was almost 2 months ago.