Need testers: TabGen (Fusion 360 Plug-in) improvements

I’m looking forward to getting home and giving it a try, hopefully I’ve purged Fusion from all traces of the older version so this will load clean, we will see?

Let me know. I spent a lot of time cleaning this up, and continuing to learn the F360 API–so much so that I haven’t touched my GF in the last 3 weeks.

You may run into bugs (:slight_smile: ), since I had to rework quite a bit, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I’m finally at the point where I can start working on some other features, in addition to continuing to clean up the code.

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This is what the dialog should now look like:



I will certainly post here before I sleep.

An example of another feature I am working on; repeating patterns of fingers (inspired by @evansd2) :


Thanks for the attribution, but really it’s down to @geek2nurse


I completely forgot about that one. My bad @geek2nurse.


That will be wicked cool!


I’m really glad we have some talented and generous programmers here, the extent of my programming ability is to make an Arduino do a few basic things.


I wasn’t too concerned. @evansd2 has been a huge inspiration to me in trying to make my finger joints more appealing, so he deserves credit too. :slight_smile:


Ooooh! Ahhhhhhh! This is pretty darned sweeeeet!!!
(Especially that interior wall function…this is going to be a major time saver.)

Works fine with preset parameters too.

Beautiful job @jbpa! :grinning:


Okay, this is exciting!


Okay, I am getting better at installing these things. Going to be a major time saver!

A note to anyone using the expermental UI, you will have to turn it off when using this for now anyway.

Oh, and it is a small thing for an alpha version but the help points to an older version.

Okay, you knew it would be something like this but yeah, you’ve got bugs.

The first edge or set always works, after that things get sketchy and will always throw a dialog box and will sometimes cut and sometimes won’t. I’ve started several files and get one of these two dialogs every time I try to cut a wall. (the first component is the floor)



This looks like it’s a bug with when turning off the Start with Tab option on adjacent faces. I’m not sure what’s going on.


I will have a couple of weeks with too much free time, AND away from my GF. My plan is to learn Fusion360. I see @markevans36301 has tutorials so will start with those. Thanks. Hopefully, I will get far enough I can then try this plug-in as it looks like it will be very helpful for what I am hoping to do. Bookmarked this thread so hopefully when I am ready it will make a lot more sense soon :slight_smile:

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Further testing, and this looks like inconsistent behavior with F360. I can’t tell if it’s a bug with the F360 API, or if there’s something going on that I’m missing.

I think I’ve uncovered a bug with F360, but it’s proving very difficult to figure out what exactly is happening. I’ve managed to trace where the bug originates, and for now, the parameters that are used to define the size of the corner cuts when disabling Start with Tab have been disabled. This means that if you manually change the size of the face, the corners will not resize automatically.

For now, if that’s acceptable, I’ve put up another release that should avoid the bug while I figure out what’s really causing it.



That’s my go-to answer :joy:


.41 still broken. :frowning_face: At least now most of the time it trys to do the tabs, before it would just give up straight way.