New air assist fan... same issue

Hi all –

I posted a topic two weeks ago regarding issues I’ve been experiencing with my Glowforge:

I was sent a replacement plate which I reinstalled today, and I’m having the exact same issues as before. Proofgrade Draftboard is not cutting through, and there is extra flame when cutting 1/8" (Proofgrade settings) and 1/16" acrylic.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

It’s been a rough few weeks :disappointed:

Well, that’s not a good sign, unfortunately. If the replacement fan is still having issues, you are going to need to find out from Support what the next steps are. (And that might involve repair of the unit, so round up your box and orange bits just in case. But wait to hear it from them…they can see more than we can from the logs.)


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Are these 4 pins clean and springy? they make contact with the plate and pass power to the air assist fan from what i understand. There may be an issue there?

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Yeah they seem clean, just a little bit off-center (unless that’s how it is)

They look good

Oh no, I’m so sorry that new carriage plate didn’t resolve those issues for you.

Regarding the New Carriage Plate

Could you make a short video showing what you’re seeing?

Regarding Cut Through

Can you send me photos of the front and back of one of the prints on Proofgrade material using Proofgrade settings, as well as the approximate time and date the print was run? I’ll check the logs to see what I can see.

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Looking at the images, even though there was a lot of flame the flame was being blown forward quite strongly. Presuming that you are not using magnets, it might be something else that is a problem. MDF is well known for absorbing water from the air and taking more power to make the same cut, but acrylic does not have that problem, and solid hardwood is not affected much though it warps instead,

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Thanks pip! :smile: Here’s a link to my video showing Proofgrade settings on Draftboard, in 4 locations. The lower left portion of the bed used to be stronger, now it’s shifted to the lower right. Please let me know what other videos would be helpful to make. I have the date/time range listed in the caption of the video.

For now, I’ve decreased the speed by 10pts to get a normal cut on Draftboard.

Thanks for the reply! Nope I’m not using magnets.

Also, it turns out that the Walnut Hardwood is no longer cutting on Proofgrade settings either :confused:

Here is a link to a video showing the amount of flame present & the varied results depending on the location of the cut:

I’m apprehensive to cut more 1/8" acrylic at the moment, so this is on 1/16" @ 215 speed & full power. Normally 200 speed cuts through very easily without flame, but as you can see the flame is still present on 215 speed. It is similar if not slightly worse on 1/8" acrylic with Proofgrade settings. And even when cutting on the lower right of the bed, half of the vector shapes still aren’t cutting through.

This is a recent (with new carriage plate) etching sample on 1/16" acrylic. Notice the loss of power towards the end of the etching & fogginess on the cut edges:

Not sure what can be causing this.

Thanks so much for making those videos. I can see that we have contacted you through your email support request about a repair offer. I am going to close this topic to avoid any confusion or duplicate communication, and continue the conversation via the email ticket.