New Catalog Designs: 10/13/20 Latest Improvements


Putting badges on catalog designs is a great idea! It’s helpful to know at a glance which files would disappear if I canceled my subscription.


Thanks Rita!

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Nice! Thanks team! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whoops! I don’t see gold badges on the Premium designs that I have downloaded… they’re all teal.

(Do I need to re-download them now that you have set up the gold badges?)

It’s working for me, on things I downloaded a while ago.

Nice. Now can you add a sort feature by date (default to newest first)? Right now the first day the Best Selling sort works fine (just go to the end since they haven’t sold yet) but after that the new ones will be mixed in with the rest. The alpha sorts are only good for chasing down something you know the name of. A sort by date added would be great so we could sort on age and see the newest ones instead of having to scroll through all sorts of designs we’ve already seen. This would be especially helpful as the catalog grows in size.


My “free with premium” designs had gold badges last week.

Hmmmm! I’ve been targeted. :thinking:
(Actually, I figured it out. Not an issue.) :smile:

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Same here. I have a bunch that should be gold but aren’t. (Not that I’d mind if I get to keep them all even after canceling but if they are going to disappear I’d rather have an accurate indicator.)

I think it’s because some of the Regs who were testing downloaded from a different link. I might just re-download the ones that aren’t gold to keep track of it.

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I cannot get any of my files to load with a green badge on them.

That is only for files that you purchase from the Catalog.

This is helpful. Thanks!

So thrilled to see some favorite designs in the catalog! Those kumiko earrings from @geek2nurse were pretty popular at an event I did. :slight_smile:


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