New cutoff hardwood pack

Kim Oberlin has a new hardwood scrap pack up on ebay…

(The auction is probably closed, but here’s his shop link: | eBay)

Tempting, tempting. Someone needs to get this, even if I don’t. 16 bloodwoods caught my eye.
Oh and I see some figured walnut too, same kind that I used in this project:

I love that grain.


Man, if I had money and time…


my problem is I know nothing about wood, so I don’t even know if it’s a good deal. But I’m also tempted to buy it seeing that box of yours.

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I’m not tempted to buy it because I don’t think I could do it justice :sweat_smile:

oh same, same…

At $26 + shipping it’s a frickin’ steal - but it will go up from there before the bidding is finished.
It’s not proofgrade, so it’ll need to be finished and masked, but figure you spend a minimum of $7 for a PG sheet that’s 6"x12" and there are 118 pieces being offered there that are at a max slightly smaller than that… so take off $2 for finishing, and cut the price in half for size, it’s still a reasonable price at ~$300 + shipping. From what I remember they usually have gone in the $50-$80 range.

I don’t know if that helps or hurts :smiley:

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haha thanks, but I mean more than that when I say I know nothing about wood. I know nothing about finishing, or staining, or cutting, lol. I know wood comes from trees.

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Yeah he finishes only to 80 grit. You’ll need to sand for sure. I usually orbital sand first to 220 and laser after. Then I sand for final finish, usually up to 600.


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