New delay to Norway:01•November

Hi there, while even most of the international have received their golde. Email and ordinary sales have started I am rather shocked to find out that my delivery has been pushed bak again to the November 1st. I do not comprehend this as, from the US, shipping regulations shouldnt differ much from the rest of the EU. As I pre-ordered in October 2015 this puts me down to waiting for more than three years! I would have felt more respected as a worthwhile customer with some kind of notice ( even if this has not been practiced before). Or we should be able to upgrade to a plus at least! Really disappointed !


Canada was hit with new delays as well. Seems like we are all being pushed to September, I feel for your November.

Along with not getting my GF I’m also disappointed that GF doesn’t communicate what is actually happening and what they are doing to resolve it.

New orders after the kickstarter will arrive before ours and they will have more purchasing options.


That is probably the most annoying part: after three years we get the model (basic) that is on its way out…

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They don’t differ much, but just enough to be a problem. Norway apparently has one more regulatory agency than other European countries that needs to be satisfied before Glowforge can proceed.

I was one of the early preorders and feel extremely disappointed. It will be more than three years before our artist workshop might get to work with the Glowforge. We are a small artist run maker space with low funds and we are now discussing if we should cancel. It feels like a scam and patience is running out :frowning:

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I am in the same boat. Waiting for a Canadian delivery. I have asked several times to get an answer. Glowforge probably doesn’t want to admit that they were unprepared to negotiate and prepare for international shipments and agreements. My guess is that Canada may have more stringent code standards?

Health Canada hates lasers, feels like they dated a laser and it broke their heart.

You have to forgive lasers and move on HC, it’s best for everyone.

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I’m in the same boat. And as a small business owner wanting to use this for prototyping, this puts me 5 months behind schedule. I too was disappointed that I received no email to announce the delay – it was only by signing in to double-check delivery date that I found this bad news.

I’m looking at other laser cutters now but not sure I can find one as user-friendly. If I can I may well see if I can cancel the order because, damn, I need a cutter soon or several projects are in peril. And this isn’t just for fun, this is my livelihood.

Anyone internationally receive their GF / GFPro yet?

Ordered in 2015 and have now been delayed 9 times. Last time now until April 2019.

Never any notices, emails, phone calls. ETA just slips everytime I check my order status.

The last time I was treated this bad was when a skank in high school gave me a STD and then fooled me into taking antibiotics telling me it’s vitamins.

Most of the EU have received theirs. Canadian deliveries are in progress.

Interesting background. What is the male animal who exposes themselves to that opportunity called? :relaxed:


Here in Norway we have been pushed back to April 2019 (!). As several Norwegian customers have backed out this makes me wonder whether Glowforge actually still has the intention of delivering to Norway :norway: or whether they just hope the last few early supporters will bail out. 3 1/3 years of waiting (by April next year) with so little communication and no explanations given does not increase perceived customer satisfaction…

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I am waiting on a Canadian delivery. They changed the delivery date from February 2019 to May 2019. You would think that for $6,000, they would have the courtesy to send an email!

Has anyone in Canada received their machine???

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Yes, those who ordered Basic or Plus models should have theirs by now. But Glowforge is still dealing with regulatory requirements for the Pro. (I guess Canada has some issues with Class 4 lasers.)

I’m now on May 31st too, for the pro. At this point it seems like guesswork,.

I check every 3 months to make sure it’s still delayed.

Thanks for your comment. I check every 3 months to see how long they have delayed it.