New Glowforge Pro - Top Camera Not Detecting Proofgrade QR Codes

Hi There! I just got my glowforge today and noticed that the top camera is pretty out of focus. I then started using the provided proofgrade material but the application wasn’t able to pick up the QR code.

Searching the forums I did find a few instances of this happening previously but all were closed as being resolved without a lot of details (I believe an app/firmware upgrade?).

I’m still able to manually select my material type and print without issue, but I wasn’t sure if there was anything I could do to adjust the focus?


The focus (ie clarity) doesn’t have to be too exceptional to read the QR codes. A screenshot here though might help support deem whether it’s acceptable or not.

As far as it reading, a lot of times these stickers catch glare from either overhead lighting or being in just the right place for the interior LEDs to reflect off of it.

The QR code should read in any orientation. If it’s the interior lights, you can even flip the board 180 putting the QR at the top left (upside down).

If it’s overhead lighting causing glare, you can try rotating the board, or reducing the overhead lighting.

At some point, they are supposed to go to UV-printed labels, which should eliminate the issue.


Appreciate the response. I’ll experiment a bit tomorrow to see if it’s a consistent issue and take some photos to post back.

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David I’m having the same issue with the camera focus and the QR code not being read. Frustrating

You’ll want to start your own topic in P&S so they can work on your issue, unless you have already emailed them then they will get back to you that way. They only handle one per thread so just posting in this one will not get you the support you need.

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Mine were reading about 25% of the time, but I always click on the drop down now so I don’t even notice whether it does or not any more

The image gets much clearer for the user once you’ve done the set focus