New Premium Perks and Improved Proofgrade Settings: 11/6/20 Latest Improvement


So this is the second time I have heard of something “expiring soon” and wasn’t sure if it was the same settings or not. Is there a different “expiring soon” setting for each type of material? or if I go into one where I see “expiring soon” and save it as a custom, then that will cover everything in that vein? Just curious, because I am trying to make my own table of settings, since people around here only respond to questions about settings with “Look at this 48 page spreadsheet file”. Thanks

Heh. I think you’re thinking of the FB group. Around here we point you to testing your own settings using templates like this one:

Comme ci comme ca. That was a very generic example on my part. The point is, it is typical in this community, and on FB, to be fair, for people to answer questions with “Just do a search for that term”. Doesn’t matter, and I’m not arguing about it, I just don’t ask those kinds of questions anymore. People will take time out of their day to respond, but don’t frequently actually respond with the answer to the question. Case in point.

Those were the SD engrave settings for vector engraves with multiple Proofgrade materials.

This is the HD engrave setting for raster/bitmap engraves on Walnut only.

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So, yeah. Then that means if I want to save “expiring settings”, then I will have to save them for every material (for the SD everything and HD walnut) separately and individually. Thanks.

Technically, yes, but if you look at the actual SD Engrave settings, they are all 1000/FULL (for the Pro model) - so you can just save one as “SD Engrave (original)” or similar, then you’re set.

There is a subtle focus height difference b/w acrylic and ply (iirc) but it makes no difference on a vector engrave.


Awesome. Thanks


I actually spend quite a bit of time giving helpful responses, but when someone comes in already fighting, I generally don’t bother. :slight_smile:


Huh! Missed this one completely…what was I doing 6 days ago? :thinking:

(Probably peeling potatoes…too many company tailgating lunches these days.) :smile:

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