New Speed Upgrade (reopened)

Hello @ivan1,

I’m not sure why you closed out my last trouble item without addressing the issue: New Speed "Upgrade"

The suggestion by @bansai8creations did not address the issue. Neither does rotating the engrave horizontally since – as you could see in the SVG that I sent you – it was already horizontal.

The previous speed settings took less than 10 minutes to engrave as HD. The new speed settings take over 18 minutes. The SVG did not change; the GF did not change; the material did not change. Only the new speed improvements changed. With the holidays coming up, we’re ramping up for holiday sales and the new speed change just doubled our time. Orders that used to take 2 days to fill now take 4-6 days.

As I previously mentioned, the times for move, cut, and score improved, but the time for HD engrave has increased by 2x-3x.

You don’t have to go up in speed. The increased speed means it needs more space to accelerate and decelerate. That’s why it gets longer if you’re engraving a really big image. However, there is no reason you can’t use your original settings. I have access to high speeds but I still use the 1000 speed at the most.

I hope you get it figured out.


@crkjelstrom is correct. as has been mentioned several places, the “higher speed” engrave doesn’t always mean it’s faster for every engrave. it’s most effective when the head has to travel long distances horizontally. if the horizontal engrave distances aren’t long enough, it will actually take longer because of how often the head has to accelerate and decelerate. @jules’ example in the post you linked is a good example of how that can change.


I think y’all are missing the origin of his complaint.

Basically, it’s saying that:

Pre-update : this job on HD setting took X minutes

Post-update: this job on HD setting now takes X minutes (longer)

Which I’m not sure how, or why, since none of the PG settings actually changed (to my knowledge).


You linked to the wrong thread, @dr.krawetz.

Yours is here and it’s still open: Really slow engrave?

ok, but that’s not the P&S link he gave.

this request, the one he originally opened, isn’t closed yet.

and the last comment from support is:

so now that i see the original post, i get that his question isn’t answered, but the post he linked wasn’t the OP’s P&S post, it was someone else’s post that he commented on. so not sure why it’s a problem that someone else’s post was closed if his is still opened.


I apologize for any frustration closing the thread you mentioned may have caused.

Based on the information inside of the post you linked here the problem was related to adjusted the speed above 1K with manual settings. As @bansai8creations mentioned, this behavior is because the higher speed the head has to move further to transition from line to line, the longer the print will take.

However, the trouble you are outlining in this post is still one that we are investigating in this thread. Once we have additional information regarding the snag you are hitting, we will reach out with additional information. I will also make sure I update that thread as well.

I’ll close this particular thread to ensure that we keep all of the right information related to the trouble you are outlining here, on the other thread.

Thank you!