New Speed "Upgrade"

I must not be understanding these settings correctly. I sent a picture to the GF for PG clear acrylic, roughly 5x7 inches. At 1000 speed/225lpi it’s scheduled to take 25:07, but at 2700 speed/225lpi it’s takes 26:10? I though the higher speed would make the project finish quicker. If I’m misunderstanding, please explain. Thanks

There are other threads with very detailed explanations, but to keep it simple, because the higher speed the head has to move further to transition from line to line (slow down, make its U-turn & get back up to speed), this extra travel off the job is a reason behind the time difference.


Hi @uncle_buc,

It’s not just you. I also have an open trouble ticket on this issue: Really slow engrave?

For me, an engrave that used to take under 10 minutes now takes 18 minutes. Depending on what I’m engraving, I’m seeing a 2x to 3x speed DECREASE since the new speed update.

Moreover, it seems to be slower on all materials: PG woods, PG acrylics, and PG veneer.

Thanks! Guess for now I’ll stick with 1000 speed where I’m more comfortable.

Quick tip:
If you actually want to speed up a rectangular engrave, lay it down.

Rectangle upright at our original “lower” speed engrave setting of 1000:

Rectangle laid down at our original “lower” speed engrave setting of 1000:

Rectangle laid down at our new high speed engrave setting of 4000 (Pro):

Reduce the vertical height of the engrave overall and you don’t really need to use the higher speeds, particularly because they are going to engrave much lighter at high speeds.

Vertical travel distance is always going to be the time killer on the engraving.


I’m sorry for the confusion regarding the new speed settings. I’m glad to see that one of our other community members was able to answer your question. Thanks @bansai8creations!

I’m going to close this thread. If you run into trouble again, or have any questions, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help. Happy printing!