New update doesn’t work on iPad browsers and some others

I can move items on the screen, but my ability to scroll through my setting options is just gone. Swiping up or down doesn’t do a bloody thing other than highlight something I get close to. It will also not respond to my Apple Pen, which works fine in my other tabs of the same browser, so it’s not a browser issue. I’ve got about 50 settings saved and can only see the first 10. I use my iPad for 95% of my control of my Glowforge so this effectively makes me unable to use it.

Even rebooted my iPad and made sure I’ve got the latest version of Firefox, Chrome and Safari I’m just not able to scroll. I know other iPad users are starting to see this as well, as they start to use the new UI.

Did the updates get tested on touchscreen devices?

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Just tested on my iPad and everything is working as it should.

iPad mini 2 on 12.5.3
Latest version of Chrome.

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I am also seeing the same issue on my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga X380 with Windows 10, which has a touch screen. If it attempt to view the settings and click on the scroll bars the whole popup goes away. If I try to use my finger on the touch screen, nothing happens. Which means short of using my desktop at work I have no way now to control my Glowforge.

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I’m glad it working for you. I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome and Safari on my iPad Pro running the latest browser of each and iOS 14.4 and it’s not working for me at all. Might be that an earlier version of iOS helps with this issue.

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Sorry. I’m on the latest IOS my old iPad can load.

Upgrades are often a source of frustration…

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I agree that something is not working right on iPads. I am using iOS 14.6 on an iPad Pro and I can’t even open a design in Chrome. Also, no thumbnails appear, the boxes are all blank.

On Safari things are working better. I am able to re-order steps and my Apple Pencil is working fine. But the scrolling of the custom settings does not work. Note: if you rotate your iPad to portrait mode you will at least see more of the list.


Not just touch screens…even on my desktop which is still running Windows 7 if I click on the scroll bars the popup goes away. Does this with Firefox (89.0.2 64 bit) and Chrome 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit)

So I’m completely dead in the water and have laser jobs I need to get done.

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To each of you that are seeing issues - try disabling your Adblock (or equivalent). I’m not having a problem with this one, but that has frequently been the problem (for far more than just :glowforge: updates)

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On my Windows systems I see the popup for the settings, I just can’t scroll through it by any means. Ad Blockers normally stop the popups from coming up, they don’t normally disable the ability to use a scroll bar - not that I’ve ever seen. Even with allowing popups, the issue remains on all my machines and all my browsers.

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I’m not referring to (solely) the pop-up blocker, but to the ad blocker. It will remove some internal interaction on sites. For example, with it on I can’t click on the Google icon to log into dndbeyond - no pop-up at all, just a graphic link - but totally disabled because of how it was coded.


I don’t use an ad blocker in Chrome since it’s not my main browser (yes, I checked the settings) and I still cannot use the scroll bars for the settings list in Once I touch the scroll bar with the cursor it goes away.


I found something that gets me by on my Windows system for the time being. If I select a setting in the list I can then use the page up, page down buttons to scroll to an area then select a setting. I cannot use the up/down arrow keys and unless I select an actual setting to ensure the focus is in that part of the screen the up/down page keys don’t work. iPad browser still useless though.

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I don’t use ad blockers either.

I’m finding other issues with browsers on touchscreen devices. I cannot reorder the layer list either on my iPad (iOS) or my Thinkpad X380 Yoga (Windows 10). Even using the mouse on the Thinkpad doesn’t allow me to move the layers. I have to remotely login to my desktop (not a touchscreen device) to be able to reorder the list, which is just a truly weird way to have to work. Something has definitely gone wonky with this update and touch screen devices.

I’m sorry for the trouble while using the app with your touch-screen devices. Thank you for letting us know about this. I’ve shared detailed notes with our team so we can investigate further. We’ll be in touch here if we need additional information while we’re looking into this.

I wanted to update this thread to let you know the team is looking into this now. I’m sorry I don’t have any further information to share right now, but when I do I’ll update here ASAP.


Thank you so much for your continued patience while we investigated this.

The trouble related to your print attempts should now be resolved. Could you try another print and let us know how it goes?

I’ll check it tomorrow. Just doing a quick selection even without my laser on it does appear the interface is working now. I’ll confirm it Friday.


FYI, it’s working now for me in Chrome on iPad. I did have to close out the window and open a new one for it to work.