New view with latest update is TERRIBLE!

Not sure anything can be done here but the latest update with the changes to how things look in the GFUI is AWEFUL. Its an absolute eyesore! I can’t be the only person who hates it. I have gone into the settings to see if any of the other color options are better and they are all bad. Everything that is outside of the cut area is a bold line hot pink color that is SO glaring to look at and the bold line on it ends up muddling up the view if your items have small details, are just small items in general or are clustered tight to each other.

PLEASE give us a way to go back to the old view!!! It was FINE as it was! I appreciate some of the other recent changes but this new view is so glaring its really hard to look at!


Agreed! I can no longer see detail of my engrave it just looks like a big blob. The passthrough shows no preview other than the top right hand corner square. I hate it. I went into preferences and the other options are all just as bad.

I agree too and also it seems like the cutting area is smaller. I had designs already in place that I was cutting before and now they are “disabled” or more like PURPLE and RED which means unless I move them more towards the center , they won’t engrave. I was also able to see what measurement the set focus was reading (to make sure it was accurate) and now I can’t do that anymore

I also noticed that when it move my objects with the arrow (keyboard) they move more than before. Let’s say before was something like 0.02 now it is like 0.05


Instead of forcing some tripped-out hippie palettes on everyone, why not simply let users choose their own color for each print step? (or, at least, allow the old settings to be an option.)

@melissa7 If you don’t like pink, pick the pallet that is three shades of blue.

@kutacakes You may want to contact support with a screenshot - my engraves have lost no detail, they just changed colour

@TheForger There is no change in cutting area, but if you material choice has changed the focus area will adjust. AFAIK the only place to see what the height measurement is was by clicking manual on the commands - where were you seeing it?

@o-o Those “hippie palettes” are specifically designed so colourblind folks can also see the differences. Not everything is for you. Be happy you are privileged enough not to need to know that.


Sorry all but I don’t disagree I like the new looks. to each his own.


@deirdrebeth I had a little trick, if you go to your custom engraving or cut settings, even score as long as it was custom then go all the way to the bottom of that section and you will find “FOCUS HEIGHT” with a slider… if you slide it to the right now it says “auto” but before this last update if you did that it would tell you what was the height the “Set Focus” was reading, which by the way I have 2 machines and 1 of them is so out of focus that it would measure the material twice it’s real thickness, that’s why I found this little trick helpful but now its gone


In that case, why remove the original which worked just fine for many years?

The original did NOT work fine for many users. Apparently, there were enough complaints and suggestions that gave them good reason for changing the settings.


I like that they have made options available for those who have color blindness issues. It’s good to have accessibility for all. I would not mind also having an option for the original layout - I am not fond of the line weights on the new default. I keep thinking something is wrong with my file, and it’s hard for me to see what I’m looking at with this line weight.


Yes 100% the change of the line weights is the biggest complaint I have. It makes small details and small items really difficult to make out when viewing it and like you said, it makes things very hard to look at when you’re working and I agree with you when I first saw it I thought my file was somehow corrupted. I don’t know WHY they made it this way and I can’t possibly see how changing these line weights to what they are now benefits anyone.

While I agree there was absolutely a need to make the GFUI friendly to those with color blindness, as is evident just in this thread alone lots of people, myself included hate it. Granted you can’t please everyone all the time, but when it comes to something like this, at the very least give your users an option to revert to the original view instead of forcing a massive change onto all of your customers universally. I hate that all the items outside of the cutting area are in this glowing neon pink color now (and changing the color scheme in settings does not change this); it looked way better to me and was easier to keep visual track of items when they were just grayed out. In short, for ME, its an eyesore and really hard to look at. People who are visually challenged may have a different experience with it, and some may not have an opinion either way. But FFS, give us the ability to switch to the old view the way we have been accustomed to it and perhaps prefer it. I’m now stuck with this neon disco color scheme whether I like it or not.

The color of the items outside of the cutting area remain neon pink no matter what palette you choose. Its an eyesore. It was way easier to keep visual track of things when they were just grayed out completely. The only things that change when you pick a different palette is what the colors of the items look like once they are placed in the cutting area. And in my opinion, they are all a neon eyesore. Having a color blindness/more accessible GFUI is 100% necessary. But what percentage of Glowforge users have vision challenges where it warrants forcing such a massive change on THE ENTIRE population of people who use GF? Create a view mode that is friendly to vision challenged person and give everyone the option to choose if they want to use it or not. The rest of us who absolutely hate this are now forced to using it with no option to turn it off and go back to the old view if it was working fine for us.

The colors isn’t even the worst of it. Its the change in line weights that are placed on the items now. It makes it REALLY hard to look at if your items are small, placed very close together or have intricate details. It literally makes them look like blobs. I can’t see how this change actually benefits ANYONE, color blind persons or no.

Ah, what you’re describing as “neon pink” most people see as a dark red…I’m guessing you’ve got the colour balance on your monitor set really high.


I’ve never touched the color balance on my laptop in the 5 years I’ve had it. Its factory setting. And its not red, its neon pink. There are items in my cutting area (cut shapes) that I’m looking at right now that are definitely RED. Everything outside the cutting area is a completely different color; its neon pink. And all my engraved text (which is small but I could always read it very clearly before) is now completely illegible even when I move it into the cutting area. It looks like a blob of text. This is a file I’ve used many times before so I know what it is but this is going to be a huge problem if I’m designing text based things within the GFUI on small items (like if I just want to knock out some simple cut shapes for keychains with text on them to use up scrap material). I won’t be able to make out the text at all which is going to be a challenge for placing things.

I respectfully disagree – I love it! It’s much easier for how I use the GF.


Sadly posting an image here just shows me what it looks like with my monitors settings…which is dark red. If it helps, it’s closest to Pantone 202C while “neon pink” would be closer to 225C

but vision is vision, and everyone’s varies even without monitor settings getting in the way. Luckily, you know that if it’s that colour it won’t print - and folks who have a hard time distinguishing between dark and light grey can also see it. If it really bothers you, drag it further out to the side and then you won’t see it at all unless you zoom out into the 1000s.

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This new design bold outline is making it impossible to see where everything is lining up. So upset. No matter how zoomed out or in you go, it’s impossible! Thumbs down from me.

For years I have struggled with trying to line up dark gray on black and find it easier to do that now that there are colors. When a part got lost before (quite a while back) I could no longer find it as it was always gray on gray. Now it shows up well. and even when something was cut only, I would apply a fill so I could see it on the dashboard, now it shows up even with no fill.

Some bits I might make different choices but overall a big improvement,


That’s all fine and dandy and I can see where the grey now being a color could help but, the outlines to everything now are soooooooooooo bold that it makes other things just impossible. Now my intricate designs look like a huge blob of slapdash. No need for all the lines to be so thick.