New Years Update (Jan '17)


Yeah it’s weird. Something about my tablet. When I post from there it doubles up. Deleted the repeat. Thanks for the alert.


Thank you Dan for the update. Like others have said, it doesn’t have to be lots, but monthly updates let us know how things are going and is better than saving up all the bad news for one big letdown. We are behind you.


Completely understand and agree with skipping CES as it’s a big push and the juice is sometimes not worth the squeeze.

I’m at CES though, and was hoping to see the Glowforge in person, but maybe the next chance will be sooner than later.


A fair trade, giving up meeting it in person to own it in person quicker.


Indeed!! I have a growing list of projects for once it arrives. :slight_smile:


You me both brother. The day I get the shipping notice I’ll need to prioritize what projects take precedence.


@dan Arghhh! I was so looking forward to seeing you at CES. Walked by the booth yesterday since GF was still in the printed maps and thought I was losing my mind walking around trying to find you.

I understand why you pulled out, but it was going to be our first chance to see one in person.

I don’t suppose there’s any chance of seeing the one in the Flex suite tomorrow?

Happy New Year!



I am counting the minutes!!!I already have a notebook of projects to send down the runway!


@jbv, when you set up that cut from illustrator, was your stroke set to outside, center, or inside? that could easily affect the final cut.


The plotter ignores stroke width from illustrator if it has not been expanded. I would get the same output if I had it at zero stroke. It’s just there for me to see it on the screen.


I’m so sorry we missed you! I’m afraid we took it all down Friday afternoon.


You answered the question as intended @dan - I was curious to see if the units delivered were coming out of the production line (as the bulk of the units will), or if they were still being final tested/assembled/checked outside of flex to then reach their final destinations


You are keep in delaying… i want my money back … I can’t wait anymore


You’ll want to e-mail for a prompt refund.

Good luck to you!

  • Tom




Thanks for all the hard work and diligence!


Him indoors says he likes .22 as well, but he now prefers .177 for Rabbits.:slight_smile:



Okay so a little honesty regarding shipping.
What bugs me is I keep seeing how your shipping pre orders, beta and per this update you are manufacturing 100 of units per month and then ramping… I am okay with all of that, but what really gets to me is the lack of information regarding my place in line, in fact thats all I really was interested in. How many orders did you get for Glowforge machines on each day. An excel graph with a bar for each day of the 30 day funding time or longer if you want to chart the majority of units. What that does is give me a feel for when my unit will ship to me unless the orders are not going to be shipped "first in first out"
For instance if I was number 500 then at 100 per month I am looking at the beginning of summer.
It small piece of information that would go a long way to telling me how to plan around the machine arrival.


Given the way they’re waiting to ask for shipping addresses at the last minute, allowing people to delay shipping by not responding right away, they clearly won’t all end up shipping FIFO.


You’re not alone - lots of folks would love a precise ship date or, failing that, lots of information so that they can try to calculate one on their own. We’ve decided not to do that based on experience with crowdfunding campaigns in the past. As comforting as the date is, it’s a support nightmare once units start rolling, as everyone gets concerned about whether their date (calculated or given) is going to be off by a week. We’ve decided to take the approach of letting you know when your unit is ready, and letting you delay delivery if that time doesn’t work for you.