Newbie here help

New here
Just got my GF today. first two cuts did fine> made the measuring tool twice…turned it off, grabbed dinner and now trying to do the box…we put the paper on the tray close the lid and now all we see is the wood that we just removed and it just keeps saying “scanning” can anyone please help us. we cant get it to go past scanning and we cant figure out why it is still showing last job

Try turning down the light in the room – it might just be too bright. Or you can cover the glass lid with a towel or something. If that doesn’t do it, here’s a list of troubleshooting steps you can take while we wait for Support to get here (you have opened a support ticket by posting in this category. :slight_smile: ):

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I’m sorry you ran into trouble with your new Glowforge. I see you already emailed us about this and I’ve sent you a response with next steps there, so I’m going to close this topic.