No head movement Or connection

I had my Glowforge sent to my mother’s house in California since my Apartment is not the best for receiving big packages and she wanted to see it. I set it up there, had an easy time with it and was printing within 30 mins of opening the box. I spent 3 days in laser heaven absolutely blown away by the machine and was actually happier with it than I had thought I was going to be. I then carefully packed it up with the foam and the orange bits installed and carefully packaged everything for travel back to Oregon (4 hour drive). The transit was easy going, no bumps, all on the freeway. I got it to my house, had a friend help me carry it in. Put it on a sturdy table with plenty of ventilation. Followed the instructions again in setting it up (removed all the orange bits, clipped in the ribbon, pushed it to the back). I turned on the glowforge, with the familiar gurgle of the water clearing the tube… but this time, no movement of the head. It is not showing up as online on my app either. I have powered off and redone the ribbon and placement of the head a few times, checked the connection to the lid, removed the lense and wiped down all the lenses… still nothing. Please help!


Pretty much if it is not showing up as online then either your GF isn’t communicating with a wifi access point connected to the internet or your computing device is showing an old status and not connected. Almost every other problem would manifest in another way. So I wouldn’t worry about the head connections, lid sensors, temperature or any of that right now. The issue is it’s not online. So if it were me I would go through wifi setup again and if that doesn’t fix it try to think about other connectivity problems.


As @rpegg said, it doesn’t sound like it’s communicating. I didn’t see in your list of things that you set it up for your home/permanent WiFi?

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OMG, IT WORKS!!! Turns out I had missed the step of holding the button down until it turns teal to reconnect to a new router. Thanks yalll for your quick help! I was expecting the head to move when I turned it on, but after it connected to the new router, it started moving like a champ! Gosh I love this machine. Thank you <3


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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