No led's and door listed as open

Just unboxed my second glowforge. These are being used in a school setting. The first one is great! The second one not so much. I have connected it to the wifi and registered it to the computer. The LED’s will not come on and the door is always listed as open… Needless to say I have not been able to get a job out of it. The motors come on and I can tell that it is getting power to the main unit. The cooler cycled when first powered up…


Paul Gantt

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I think the door sensors are in the lid on the same PCBs as the LEDs, so I think a connector has come out or a ribbon cable has broken.

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Sounds like the door switch is not engaging. Do the LEDs get brighter when the lid is fully closed? Also try pushing down on the lid after closing to make sure it is fully seated.

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Just did a visual check and it looks as though all connectors are engaged and together.

There are no led lights active.


Oh, never mind, I read LEDs not coming on as the button, not the lid lights.

Pro or Basic?


On the back of the unit, just above the power switch is the interlock connector.

Does it have the solid metal bar installed?

See this from my initial setup problems:

Also, it might be referring to the front door, not the lid, so make sure it is completely closed. I sometimes have to give it a hard shove to get it fully closed.

Checked the bar, and it is in and installed properly. Opened all door to the forge and closed them with a firm press to engage all the contacts and nothing has changed. Unit does power up, but nothing in the lid does.

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Anyone else with any ideas? I have contacted the company with no response yet…

I would keep checking all those cables and connectors. As you know from the other machine, the lights come on whether the lid is open or not, so that’s not the problem. Power isn’t getting to the top half. There is a convenient diagram at showing the connections – it goes from the controller board through that little PCB on the hinge. Don’t disassemble anything though, or you might void a warranty where valid (sorry, Tennessee! ), but if it were me I’d gently press on a few spots to make sure it’s connected properly. Maybe a little wiggling.

It’s also possible that a random UPS employee stole your machine’s mojo in transit. There’s a lot of that going around.


@scott.wiederhold (what has a shiny new avator) might shed some light on who the cables connect for the lid from his investigations.

Edit: @chris1 said what I wanted to say.

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I think @palmercr might be right. If everything is powering up, but the LED’s and lid sensor aren’t working, it’s most likely a problem with the ribbon cable.

Could you post a picture of this location (circled red below)? That is probably where the problem is.


I have looked there and all seems to be good. The cable is attached to the wall of the machine with some type of adhesive so I am wary to pull it off and disconnect and reconnect that cable as I am afraid to screw up any warranty. But visually, the cable looks secure.

I’m so sorry for the delay in my response.

I took a look at the information posted here and I’m sorry to say that your Glowforge has a problem we can’t fix remotely. I’ll reach out to you via email to sort out the details. I apologize for the inconvenience.