Non-Permanent Venting

Okay, I know “temporary” is a word that means “non-permanent.” :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen anything like this at HD or Lowes. But I think I’ll use this rather than putting a hole in my workshop. Plus, I can quickly/easily move it if I want to. Anyway, thought I’d share…

Window Vent

PLEASE… If anybody finds a less-expensive solution I’d be happy to know about it. I think this is a little pricey for what it is.


Why not cut something similar using your GF once it arrives? I plan on making one, but I’ve not designed it yet. It will likely be cut out of acrylic or something like that, so that I can see through it.

I’ll probably buy something like this:

And then cut a rectangular shape (the width of my window) with a hole in it to fit this kind of vent.


You could just buy the vent bit and cut a piece of wood to fit your window.

whoops, @polarbrainfreeze beat me to it


Scrap lumber cut to fit your window and a dryer vent about $6. Paint :art: too match your trim, and you should be good.
Or wait for the forge to get there and make one. :+1:@polarbrainfreeze You are too quick.


Sure. But two things there… 1) I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel here. And 2) I like that it’s expandable. If I move it, I know it’ll fit.


$60 for having something expandable is not terrible. I don’t know of a different one on the market for cheaper, but I have not really looked.

If you do go with just a scrap lumber cut to fit your window, when you move, you can just get a different piece cut to your new window size. You’d have to move several times before you use up $60 in scrap lumber pieces.

It also depends how nice you want it to look, and how much time you want to invest in a DIY solution.

Someone else may find a cheaper commercial solution and post it here.




I think @polarbrainfreeze beat everyone to the punch here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ve decided to make my own instead of spending the $60.

I was looking for a pre-made solution, but all I found was the one you linked to on Amazon. It was cheaper ($40-$50), but its been $60 for the past 6 months or so. I haven’t found anything else commercially available.


This cost me about $8


I had a plastic adjustable “universal fit” very similar to the top link, that came with one of those rolling floor A/C units. It did not have a damper, and did not actually fit the window it needed to go into without a fair amount of adhesive rubber insulation tape. Then it needed to be caulked up because it mosquitos and wind were coming in at the adjustable wings.

With the premade metal one, if you go that route, you may need to use aluminum tape to seal it up, and possible some kind of adhesive insulation tape for the interior if you are in a very hot or cold climate


Show off.


I have one of those floating around…didn’t fit a single window. …that rolling ac is sitting in the garage now gathering dust… (had something temporary made, but wife didn’t like the noise). May put it in the workshop once it’s done (another dedicated circuit…those things are energy hogs)

Well, my plan has evolved. Naturally.
Originally I was going to vent through the floor, where a radon system evacuates. We ended up replacing our 20 year old 80% efficient furnace with a new 98% ($!).
These units vent with PVC instead of stove pipe, so… there is an unused vent pipe in the furnace room (next to my shop) that goes to the roof peak - perfect! Non permanent (no additional holes).

The mounting bracket that came with the fan was not sufficient by itself for vertical mounting, so I just banged out a couple of slot wall hangers, tapped and threaded them to accommodate the hardware that holds the blast gate together.
The Glowforge will live on the pull-out shelf under the bench top to the right of the power strip where the burgundy leather is.

All I need now is a laser!


nice setup!

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Thank you!
I was fortunate to be able to dedicate what would otherwise be a bedroom to my self indulgence.
I get away with it because I fix stuff. A lot of stuff. Sometimes I make stuff! ( oh yeah,and because she loves me)


after seeing your shop, all i need is a bigger shop. HAH


I half expected this to be a thread about product delay frustrations…

Nice solutions - now to make mine!


At some point I decided that I was going to avoid making things that were already available for reasonable prices. Basically, “don’t reinvent the wheel”, as you said.

With that said, this looks like something that could be made easily and I don’t think $50-$60 is reasonable.


About 2 months ago I bought one of those portable floor standing air conditioners. It uses the “dryer vent type” tubing to go to a window and they included an adjustable piece with a vent that looks similar to the one you linked to (albeit white plastic). It’s adjustable (vertical or horizontal ,my window opens vertically), it has a cap if you disconnect the hose - it also installed with my window screen intact ( doesn’t have the “awning” piece outside the window. Now what occurred to me while reading your post is - can you order a “replacement” part from them for that piece for a lot less than $60. You may want to look into portable AC replacement"parts" to see if they sell that part for less ( actually I may…) :thinking:


I too, bought a portable AC 2 or 3 months ago, probably just like yours. It’s in the little room where my Glowforge will be…and like yours, is vented vertically. Just a few days ago, I removed the hose for the winter and duct taped over the open hole, with plans to reinstall it next summer. My Glowforge will be venting through a different window and vent, though.

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