Not a GF problem, problem with Inkscape: elliptical box maker

I had version 0.91 up until today. I tried downloading and installing the elliptical box generator and inkscape helper from the links previously found here in a post from @smcgathyfay . When I run it, it gives me an error message saying something along the lines of “no module named inkscape_helper.inkscape_helper”

I downloaded and applied the inkscape helper from github already. I made a copy of and turned it into inkscape_helper.inkscape_helper. I uninstalled and full reinstall of inkscape to the 0.92.1 version and still this error persists.

Using 64bit windows version…


Where did you put the files?

Barring that, did you restart the program?

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C program files inkscape share extensions

And of course restarted

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Try this topic. It can be a challenge to get everything resolved.

Don’t know if you have a lot of designs made up already before you get too many. The upgrade rescales old ones, but it’s not a big deal. There are a few perks with the newest, especially mesh gradient.

Looks like it would be helpful to make a step by step instruction for this. It is technical and takes some digging. I just kept googling the error message and found some places that showed the fix.


Thanks! I needed that. I was able to follow what @dwardio did and used the resolution he found to get it working.

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However, I’m trying to run it and can make a box as long as the lid is not set to 180°

Why can’t it let me do that?

Essentially, I’m trying to make a scroll case. I can’t get the elliptical box generator to make a perfect cylinder.

Ok. I will do my best to help out. First I have to install the extension on my new laptop. My stamp box is a cylinder. The angle, if I am not mistaken is for the end pieces to cut a notch for a sideways lid. 180 means you have two half barrels that go together.

Whatever the program parameters are it won’t accept 180, which would give the two half barrels. It accepts 179 degrees but not 180. I’m trying to picture what a perfect cylinder would look line, how you would open it. You can always make the side panels with whatever degree you want to top cut to be and then join them as one big panel, then cut it in half and cut the round top and bottom in half.

One thing to note is that it doesn’t take fractional inches, so it’s metric really to do this.

Didn’t test and used a 3 mm for thickness of material. Using the box maker, just combine the sides and then split the tops and bottom. If this is what you have in mind.

Edit: whoops. I see I didn’t redo the line with slits correctly where I joined the two parts of the wrap.


This will help. Read the comments below for additional pointers.


I perhaps was a bit gung-ho about getting the thing drawing lines like I told it to, to read through comments on the post. I did try to do 179.9 which still isn’t precise, it rounded down to the next tooth size. I cut the side in half, copied, and flipped it. That should work.

Quite an ordeal yesterday fiddling with extensions. With yor guys’ help I didn’t rip any hair out. Lol. Thank you.