Not cutting through at the right side

This is the same issue as - Not cutting through on right side of cutting area. GF is not cutting through materials on the right side of the print bed. I have tested with medium acrylic, and medium balsa wood. Wasted a bunch of materials because of this.

I have read through few other similar posts. So I took the requisite diagnosis steps and photos. I am posting it here, so that there is a record in the forum, and other users with similar issue can look it up.

  1. My crumb tray is clean and level
  2. The proof grade material is level
  3. Attaching images of Gift of good measure place on the right side of the bed. The engravings are light. The back is untouched.

  1. Print head window

  2. Laser window

  3. Bottom of print head

  4. Lens top

  5. Lens bottom

  6. Print head mirror

From the past posts it seems like GF need to send me a replacement unit. :frowning:




I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.