Not recognizing my svg

I have created a file and saved as an SVG in Corel Draw 2019. When I try to upload the file, the system tells me I cannot upload my SVG, it must be an SVG. Can anyone help?

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I’ve not had luck either directly with svg files from CorelDraw, too, so for svg files, recommend getting Inkscape (it’s free & easy to download & installed) and you should be able to open the svg file created in CD with Inkscape, and then save it again as SVG and it should load fine on the GF then… (not a solution per se, but a work-around!).


There may be some conversion programs available online. CorelDraw says it is saving as an SVG, but it doesn’t seem to work as an SVG the Glowforge interface recognizes.

I just downloaded Inkscape. Saved as an SVG and it once again says I must only upload an SVG…don’t know what I am doing wrong. Settings???

Could you share the file so we can take a look and see if we can help?

Have you made sure to select SVG as the file type?? It doesn’t necessary default to that (in either program). And good idea to make sure your line thickness is less than 1mm for a SVG file for cut lines…

It is actually a file that I got off of the site for a box. I am not sure how to upload what I downloaded. let me try

how do I attach a file?

Choose the upload symbol, choose your file hit reply.


Thank you, I think I’m just frustrated

Been there myself many times!

Did it upload?


Try dragging and dropping your file into an open Reply window.


I just tried and it had a string of letters and then sent a blank box

boxx.cdr (17.4 KB)

hmmmm…this uploaded my corel version

You are going to have to export as an SVG so your file ends .SVG not .cdr think