Not starting project

Glowforge pro not CUTTING

Start up as normal it calibrates

I have everything as normal push start on my computer
My button starts flashing giving me the okay to start. I push the button and NOTHING HAPPENS


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It might be a mechanical issue with the button - can you stick a camera into that corner and see if any of the connectors are loose?


Only thing I haven’t checked. I will now

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Oh wow

I found the issue !!! :rage:

This machine is still under warranty. I have used it about 8 times !!!

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I have used this MAYBE 8 times! I’m still learning ! Everything has been proof-grade materials


wow that is a bummer. I wonder how that wire could have gotten cut.


So sorry about your troubles!!

That is bizarre. blowing up the picture, it is diagonal and does look just like a cut. The red wire next to it shows a pinch - like a tool just nicked it.
The look of it suggests sabotage to me. Does anyone else have access to the machine?

Being a mechanical type, Personally, I would elect to repair the connection rather than send it back.
That’s just me, support may have a different idea.


There’s no way what so ever. A closer look and it’s looking like it’s melted. I live alone with a 2 year old it surly wasn’t cut. It’s melted

Well wow - it’s kinda amazing that it’s worked at all if it came that way from the factory. I wonder if a piece of hot material could have zinged off and sliced through that or something equally bizarre!

Being that you’re under warranty a staff member will show up here and take this conversation to email since you’ll have to discuss private account info. Time to dig out your shipping box and materials so you’ll be ready to go. :frowning:


yeah that wire has been cut. It may not have happened at your house, but it’s been cut. I’d put money on it given the picture shown. With a clearer picture I may change my mind, but for now… Cut.


Good thing it isn’t the red wire.

Good luck with your wire repair.




What is funny about this situation?

Nobody what so ever has access to it. :woozy_face::woozy_face: so odd.

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I think the laughing was a response to the Lethal Weapon clip.

And personally my thought is that the wire was accidently cut during manufacturing and hanging by a thread until it broke. It should be a warranty repair.


It is odd, but support is very good from the company. They will be in touch with you soon.
Too bad your excitement is punctuated by this, but you can take advantage of the time by sharpening your skills by exploring the software you use for design!

The video?

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If you have to send it in it may be easier to just reconnect them. There are jumpers that are easy to attach, if GF says that’s ok.

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they might also just send you the wiring harness. and just swap it out along with the button.

if you are reasonably handy. that is the method I would try.

but I regularly take apart and reassemble really expensive stuff. :slight_smile: