Notebook Covers (inspired by @polarbrainfreeze)

I want to thank @polarbrainfreeze for inspiring me with his notebook design located here: GF Notebook Cover

The notebooks are a fundraiser for the local Tesla Owners Group to help raise money for a large tent to use at community events. They also help support our local Makerspace 501c3 fund in an effort to get the group back off the ground and into a physical space. We do community education teaching no cost (or cost of materials) in 3D printing, video game programming, Raspberry Pi, etc. Our group has been without a physical space for a couple of years and this is an effort to get the group back up and flourishing again in an effort to get our education outreach increased.

The small notebook is 3 1/2 x 5 5/8" (slightly larger than the paper) and is made out of Proofgrade draftboard and I think it looks pretty good!

The larger notebook is 6x9" (again slightly larger than the paper) and is made out of Proofgrade medium maple. I put a quote from Elon Musk on the front of each. On the inside of the back cover I put a thank you for the person supporting our Makerspace (and obviously the group).

I just finished making up some red/white acrylic name tags which I will try to remember to post — I think I forgot??? It’s late and I’m a bit brain dead as we are leaving in 7 hours for a road trip with the local Tesla group to meet up with another city’s group.

I am attaching the blank patterns for the Jot 1 subject notebook 5.75"x8.75" and a small 3x5" notebook I can’t give the design since it has restrictions on how it can be used.

3x5 inch Notebooks (1.1 MB)
6x9 inch Notebooks (72.1 KB)

There are 3 files in each zip: an Illustrator (CS3) ai file, an Illustrator template, and a SVG file. If there is another format you need, let me know and I will see if I can convert it for you.

This community is the best and so very encouraging. Thank you everyone!


Thank you for the files.


I’m glad I was able to inspire someone else! Good job on your notebooks.


Very cool! :grinning:

I got inspired too @polarbrainfreeze, I’m working on a cover for the little Cambridge notebooks that I use this morning. (Thought I had one last night, but caught an unattractive streak in the wood that’s going to drive me crazy, so I’m re-doing the three hour engrave.) :roll_eyes:


That must be one complex design for a 3 hour engrave. Look forward to hopefully seeing it. I was surprised at how easy it was to figure it out once I looked at @polarbrainfreeze design. One of the many things I learned at the Makerspace was to use digital calipers so it was just second nature to grab and figure out the spacing and sizes. I have so many ideas and just not the time to work on them. I want to come up with some good looking coasters in hopes of getting some Christmas orders, along with the other items I have that I want to design. :slight_smile:

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You are welcome. If you need them in a different format, let me know and I’ll try to help out.

Not exceptionally bad, but I like the effect of the higher LPI engrave for this application, so it takes a while. :slightly_smiling_face:



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That’s a lot of fun. Certainly more fun that Elon is having right now.

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Nice job! Good luck with your fundraiser!!

Thank you for the files! I am a bit obsessed with making notebooks. I work in the print industry and just can’t let off cuts go to recycling. If they are big enough to make a notebook of any usable size, I hoard them. And then every once in awhile, I go on a notebook making bender and make 10-20 using various things as covers (matboard has been my go to having the laser cutter and all) but have been wanting to test some wood covers. But of course the hole punch machine will punch matboard, but not wood, so gotta burn those holes out.


The holes burned VERY quickly and cleanly. The people I showed the notebooks to yesterday were impressed with the quality they said.

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Now I should look at any other projects you have made — maybe they will do the same thing — jump start me to try something new. :wink: Actually somehow, without explaining anything, I was suddenly able to make those holes correctly … before I was having troubles with a tool in Illustrator – looked at the holes on your notebook and got an “aha!” moment and off I went. LOL Have no idea why I made it so hard before…


Sorry I missed the gathering down here. Would have been a new experience to see what the buzz is about. I’ve been watching Rich Rebuilds on YouTube and have a profound respect for the audacity of any Tesla owner to buy something like this product and trust that the infrastructure that is at such an early stage is adequate. Makes me appreciate just how big a system is necessary to give us cheap, reliable and effective internal combustion cars.

Nice project.


Well to start with, when you come up to KC (because my son does NOT get down there often…ok twice ever) – you will HAVE to go for a ride in his Tesla Model S. It is an experience. Your geek-side will definitely appreciate hearing, seeing, and feeling all that Tesla is about. Over the air updates are awesome — and in the case of this article: Tesla gives over-the-air battery boost to those fleeing hurricane and it can give you a new respect for what this company can do/does for its’ owners. —well there you go, opened up that can of compressed air and got me talking about Teslas again. :oncoming_automobile: Make sure you let me know when you get in town. My son converted my gear-head cousin (owned an auto repair shop and retired probably 10-15 years ago and he is still YOUNG)…he got a ride and was won over…the we’re leaving in 15 minutes we gotta go turned into I think another hour and a half after the ride. :joy:

The day was a blast – will have to supply pics later…I just realized what time it was…back tonight

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Can they be made 8 1/2 by 11?

Hi clpooh50…yes you can make the notebooks just about any size you want. I’ve made them probably 5x7" up to about a 9x12" and they are very addicting once you start to make them.

Would you happen to have a free download for one? I do not know how to design Thank you so much

There are a couple of downloads up above, however, I can make one in a larger size (with spiral holes) if I know the following:

  1. Does the paper measure 8 1/2" x 11"? If so, I would think you would want the cover to be larger than the paper (maybe 9" x 11 1/2" or 9 1/2" x 12"?)

  2. Does the paper already have holes in it?

    • If it is 3 hole punch, this will not work with the same design I have here as it is for spiral ring.
    • If it is spiral ring, the holes might line up — however — the spiral that came with the
      “notebook” will not work for a wood cover because the spiral won’t be able to accommodate
      the thickness of the wood. You would need to order much larger spirals online or ask a store
      (i.e. OfficeMax or another printing company) if they will sell you a spiral.
    • Keep in mind the spiral needs to accommodate the 2 wooden covers plus extra space to turn
      and not tear the paper.

I looked back in my files and I don’t see that I have made one larger than 6x9" in the past. They become quite large to carry when you are working with the weight of the wood and the larger spirals. I can do a spiral one if you let me know for sure what size cover you want. Unless you use a standard spiral that I happen to have on hand, I can’t guarantee the holes will line up for your use. Different manufacturers may space their holes in a different distance.

I think he is probably doing pretty good right now — I know our Tesla stock is! They are splitting the stocks and we’re going to get 5 to 1! That was posted a few months before we got our Tesla Model 3 and every single day I wake up with a smile on my face because I can drive that car again!! It has not gotten old — it’s been my sanity through the COVID pandemic…get in my car and just take a drive…