Nutella lock

Found this online. This should be an easy one to make, and fairly adaptable to other sized jars as well, as long as they are shaped appropriately.


Lock away the Nutella!?



Well done!


At the price of hazelnuts due to the worldwide shortage, this is likely going to be a necessity!


Well they only put 3 or 4 in each jar with all the soy lecithin so I doubt the price will change much. :imp:
(I do occasionally eat nutella but I cringe every time I do it).


Neat idea - would be fun “gag” type gift with some clues for the combo or key. (How anybody can eat that stuff - nutella- amazes me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Well, if the political situation with turkey vs the EU continues on its current track, it will get even more pricey (I have intention going into the political details - out of scope for this forum, just that the hazelnut supply issue can get even worse).

Better stock up with the big jars from Costco :smile:

The sad thing is that Ferrero already pays the Turkish hazelnut pickers peanuts…


Just planted a hazel nut tree but it is just a twig at the moment, so a few years off getting any nuts.


Very patient, I see… :seedling::herb::deciduous_tree:


Info. from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; top three producers of hazelnuts in the world ; Turkey, Italy, and in third place…the US…and 99% of them in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. I knew Oregon was right up there, but had to look it up. The cost of hazelnuts is outrageous. You would think living the the state that produces so many, that they might be less expensive, but no. Reading about the shortage would explain the explosion of new hazelnut orchards all over the place around here. Will live in a small, rural town…and I have been noticing a huge influx of new orchards for quite some time now. Blueberries, vineyards, and hazelnuts. In case anyone is curious, the last three big producers are Georgia (near the Black Sea), Azerbaijan, and China.


Somebody once told me that growing nut trees gives you the most nutrition to labour ratio. Not sure if it is true or not but you only plant trees once and then harvest every year. Not much to do in between except perhaps some pruning.

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Ha, I see what you did there…


Nutella peanut butter…

Interesting thread but I am allergic to chocolate so I’m not real worried about it lol. Gas can keep going down and Nutella can sky rocket lol

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I was going to suggest Justin’s various nut-butters as an alternative to Nutella, but it looks like they got bought out by Skippy, so the ingredients/quality may change.


…and Justin’s makes a darn decent vegan peanut butter cup…

My girlfriend used to work in a food-testing facility. Justin’s was a customer.
Testing requirements meant that they would receive entire crates of a product, and then run tests on a few random samples. The rest of the product would be discarded… if it was not brought home by the employees.
I used to have an unlimited supply of the single serving peanut-butter packets.
Also the strawberry cups from Logan’s Roadhouse. I’ve never been to a Logan’s Roadhouse, but their strawberry cups sure are Yummy!


Where was this during my wife’s second pregnancy?!?


Had a consulting gig at a Duncan Hines plant that made their angel cake and brownie mixes to create training for the hot-melt (glue) application machines that sealed the boxes.

Their test kitchen was next to the break room with a pass-through window. Testers pulled random boxes from the line and baked them up, tested them, and put the leftovers out. Thankfully, I was only there a week, but everything I wore and took with me smelled like chocolate for a while!

Btw, the other side of the plant produced “extruded potato snack product,” the name of which was protected by the most hard-@$$, iron-clad NDA I have ever been required to sign. :sunglasses:


It’s all a matter of perspective. My wife would probably choose to walk to work if that would keep the price of Chocolate down :wink: