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Okay, I just received my replacement Glowforge. It showed up in Wifi connected it. Then Chose my network and entered password for Glowforge. Reconnected to my Wifi as I had to do it manually, Get the Confetti saying congratulations you are connected. Open up the dashboard and get a big fat Offline status?

This is now after I unplugged everything, Modem Router, Computer, Glowforge. Then I turn everything back on. The same thing OFFLINE! ,

Next, I reset my Glowforge and started again with the teal light. The same thing then its kicking the entire network offline too. I never had this issue with my other Glowforge and it was connected last night as usal no problem. I am a loss of what to do. I have followed everything and nothing is happening. Yes my modem broadcasting 2.4 . Anything who can help I would appreciate it. UGH I so don’t want to have to pack this one back up too.

If it’s a new machine, it might be listed separately in the Status bar…click on the bar next to your name and make sure you have the correct machine selected here:

If you just have one machine listed there, support might need to set it up for you.


I’m checking that now. Thank you…

Yes that was it!!! A GIANT THANK YOU!!! I sat here for hours trouble shooting everything. Any chance you know how I remove the other machine listed there that I wont be using?

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i think Support has to do that for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the answer @Jules !

@angela1 I see that you also had an email ticket regarding this issue. I will add your request to have the old machine removed from your account to that ticket and we’ll get you taken care of.

Since the issue in this post is now resolved, I’m going to go ahead close this thread.