Offline for 30 min. after EVERY PRINT

I’ve read a few forum posts similar to this where the problem was being stuck in “scanning” forever (usually due to needing to replace the Black Lid Cable (which was confirmed by GF today that I should replace.)) But yesterday even after turning off the machine, opening and closing the lid and turning back on after each print, my GF stays offline for exactly 30 minutes… super frustrating! Has this happened to anyone else?

I asked support in the follow up email (after they said I should replace the Black Lid Cable) if there were other actions I could take, but haven’t heard back yet - and I’m getting annoyed with having to wait 30+ minutes to print another project.

To answer all the usual questions:
yes I reset/restarted everything; computer/router/GF
yes I cleaned all connections and re-set the carriage
yes the GF is near the wireless router and there is no interference (I’m in a 10K Sq Ft building where I’m the only tenant and have the only wireless network)

It is peculiar to me that it takes 30 minutes for ANYTHING to happen - the first time this happened was this morning when I attempted to reset the wireless connection by turning on the GF, waiting 30 seconds for the start-up sounds to finish and then holding down the button for 10 seconds - the button did not turn teal as expected - but I left the machine on and moved on to another task. 30 minutes later I heard the “startup sounds,” looked over and the button was teal… I went through the wireless setup and was online and competed a print. Then had to shut down, open and close the lid, restart… only to be offline FOR EXACTLY 30 MINUTES until it was magically online again and making the startup sounds. REPEAT 5X TODAY… Help!

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FYI as noted in the “sticky” post at the top of this section, posting here opens a support ticket, and opening duplicate tickets slows their response time.

That said, they have access to your log files, whereas the rest of us just have conjecture. If they think it’s the black cable, I’d definitely go ahead and try replacing it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply @geek2nurse , but part of the reason for posting on a public forum is so that the GF Community will have access to see the type of problems that are happening to others and [hopefully] someone who had the same problem can share some advice to get to a faster resolution.

To clarify, the Black Lid Cable was suggested to rectify the “constant scanning” problem that is now a known issue. The fact that my machine now takes 30 minutes to come online (each and every time…right at 30 minutes) was not clear to me when I opened my support ticket via email. And the response from support was “As for the offline issues, I see that your Glowforge was able to successfully connect to your network and our servers today. …” to which I responded with the additional information that became clear after the initial support ticket was opened.

It seems like there are many issues that GF support doesn’t want the community to have access to as in this recent example where you can find no public post of the resolution: Offline- Troubleshooting Day 2

Then you should post over in Everything Else instead of here. This thread will be closed as soon as Support finds and resolves the duplicates.

No, there are just many users who don’t read the posted instructions, and open a ticket by email and then another one by posting here. The original ticket stays open, and the duplicate gets closed. Just like this one will.

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Hello @bart2,

The issue you’re having with your unit regarding the offline trouble with your Glowforge, is currently being reviewed by our Senior Tech Support Engineers and they should be responding to you shortly, if they haven’t already.

As for the lid cable replacement, when we look at the logs for your Glowforge unit, we can see that the lid camera is having trouble communicating with the printer. Since all connections for the lid cables are connected properly, the most likely cause of this is wear and tear on the black lid cable. Replacing that cable is the next step and should resolve the calibration issues.

Since you already have an email ticket open with us, to avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread. We will continue working with you over email. Thank you!