Oh no! Stuck on centering

I have run into another issue with my Glowforge Pro. This time, it looks like I am stuck on “centering”. I have followed all the directions on the forum. Turned off machine, unplugged it, closed the app (cleared cookies), removed everything from the bed, reset network within the home, plugged back in, turned on…and…nothing! Normal clicking sound, immediate fan kick, the little fan runs on the printer head but absolutely no movement. Between wheels breaking, filters malfunctioning early, and now the dreaded “centering” issue…I’m getting very discouraged and it is killing my small business. I am having to now refund several orders. Can someone help me? I’m desperate. Haha.

That sounds like it might be the lid cable, but you can eliminate other possible causes while you wait for support by running the tests in the thread below:

Let them know the results of the tests listed there, and they will review your logs when they see your post.

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Hello @kevin.jay.davis2, I see you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’ve responded to you there, so I’m going to close this topic.