Oh snap...found a second - sometimes even better - use for an edge lit engraving! - Small info update on 5-1-17


Bear with me, everyone; this is going to be an interactive thread, and the results (and my reveal that I hinted to yesterday) are going to be displayed along the way, instead of all at once…

First off, thank you to the fellow member help me create an svg file (I’m still learning) for this from a jpg…

And now onto the project…

Was planning on making an edge lit sign, but now that I look at the result of the engrave, it doesn’t seem all that great; too much engrave and not enough lines, etc, makes it look like just a blob.

Test of my thoughts: Can anyone (easily) tell who this is supposed to be?

After a few replies, I’ll continue the thread…hoping we can have fun with this :blush:


Han Solo?


Nope :slight_smile:


Bob Dylan?


Mick Jagger?!


Ronald McDonald?


This might help someone. But not me.


Nope, nope :slight_smile:

I guess my thoughts were correct…

How about if I show the original jpg file?


@rpegg I was just about to post the same thing. I had it inverted in GIMP, and was about to put it up. But I still can’t tell who it is.


Wow, nice, is that a negative?


The archer from walking dead Daryl




I’m cheating some more. Do a reverse image search in google and you get:


I inverted it before the clue posts and hurried to post and saw someone already did that


A reverse image search ?
Please explain how that is done - sound very useful.


OK, phase 2:

Here’s the original whole body:

And here’s the edge lit sign from the svg; kind of disappointing, as you all could tell:

Engraving ripples

Go to google.com
click “images” in the upper right corner
drag and drop images onto the search bar.
(not sure if you need to be logged into google)


Not really…I’ve never seen Walking Dead so I wouldn’t have recognized it anyway…chuckle.


Go to this website: https://images.google.ca/

Then drag and drop the image you want to search for (from another browser window) into the search bar instead of typing something in.


Sooo, not sure it’s something that I’d want to gift to a friend, just cause it doesn’t look that great.

However…there is a different way to use / display it…


Oh, darn, sorry, I have a conf call I have to join, will reveal in a few mins…

:grin: :smiling_imp: