Oh yeah! the wait is over! Glowforge delivery Netherlands Europe is a success!

I knew it was going to happen this week. ‘March 8th’ quickly became ‘March 6th’. With today being the 7th I got that e-mail! And I had to wait the entire day to be able to read through it and go through the steps. But it’s been done. The wait it over. Now the wait begins.


Woohoo! Whup! Whup! :smile:

We are slowly but surely lasering our way through Europe! Exciting!

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The waiting is over! Long live the waiting! :wink:

I know the feel and I’m right there with you.

I just receieved the Proofgrade-is-on-its-way email and the materials are already in the country!

It went from Kentucky straight to Köln, Germany.


Received my free Proofgrade today! Additional customs and handling fee €52,69. ($65.18)

Sales tax: €36,96
Handling: €13,00
21% VAT: €2,73

This was calculated on a total value of €121,83 of money spent outside the EU.

Pay the carrier in cash or write a cheque… Why these companies don’t carry card machines in 2018 is beyond my comprehension.

Exp.Lic.: NLR
HTS Code: 4412.325.706

I got my golden email on the 7th, proofgrade shipping confirmation march 13th and today is the 14th. That’s quick even by my standards.


That you can pay the driver in cash blows my mind. Does UPS deliver pizzas as well?

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Thinking handling is the only extra fee. The PG was assigned a value of $150 and the GF is supposed to be reduced the same amount.

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I just received a master tracking number for the 2 parcels. This is actually happening!

Collection scan reads the 15th this month. Both packages are still in the US.


Out for delivery today according to UPS. And a total of €817,32 ($1003.05) on duties and taxes are due. I was expecting more like €600 so this is quite a hit. I’ll update when I have details from the invoice.

I hope it arrives in one piece as it’s an expensive piece of kit.


Mines due today too (UK).
UPS says the GF is out for delivery, but the crumbtray seems to have been held up.
Tracking info says it’s status is “exception”, whatever that means.
I’ll just have to wait and see.


My delivery showed this too for the glowforge unit, but then skipped a few steps and came on the same day in a different truck from the crumbtray. So everything may still be okay.

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**&(*^@#(*^(@^#%( I missed the courier. UPS My-choice stated ‘end of day’ so I went out for a bit.

first delivery attempt: 13:30

Phoned UPS and hope to get a call back later this afternoon to sort this out.


Doesn’t it say by the end of the day, not at the end of the day?

Sorted it out with UPS they sent the driver by again. Awesomesauce! I didn’t get an invoice through My-choice, I couldn’t pay with card. Cash to the driver :frowning:

total value stated by Glowforge: $3245.- + $478.- (pro + shipping) = $3723.- or €3023,88

Sales tax: € 662,51 ($816.15)
Import charges: €130,82 ($161.16)
Handling duties: €19,83 ($24.43)
Total €817.32 ($1006.86)

I paid

Glowforge Pro (oct 2015) $3495 (€2837,09)
Shipping 478 (€388,03) Total Import charges 1071.82 (€870,01)

Total €4095,33 ($5044.82)

Now with that out of the way I can finally start to open up that box!!

“Otherwise I wouldn’t fit in the bus” -UPS Driver

Four handles and no rips or water damage to the box!


For some reason people think those arrows mean, this side up. The driver really knows they mean this side away from the wall of the van. :smile:

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It’s working allright!

Set Tiamat up in the workshop were it is currently hovering around freezing. It’s temporary until I find it a proper home. But it works!


Yay! Great lookin’ little ruler! :grinning:

Except those weird non-standard tick marks, looks great!