Ok im lost lol

i have never done anything like this before as far as trying to figure out vector and raster files. I"m lost, i know how to scan an item but when it comes to creating something to cut and engrave im lost, is there any good tutorials on youtube that are slow enough and that are easy to understand. i currently have inkscape and have played with it a little but still can’t figure out what i need to do to be able to engrave and cut as well. thanks in advance for any help. Ned

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there are a ton of tutorials, and walkthroughs right here on the forum:

our forum-generated Matrix of tutorials is the first link on that page:


Welcome to the forum. What software are you trying to use? As jbv notes, there are lots of helpful tutorials here on the forum and every software has helpful videos on their site or YouTube.


I am using Inkscape and I’m now watching some of the basic tutorials that are listed there. It’s just that when you aren’t into computers like I was 14 years ago things take a while to catch up. Lol time does catch up to us all
eventually. I’ll keep posting if I can’t figure this out, but my brain is still working pretty good for the moment.:star_struck:


As has been said above, there are lot’s of helpful tutorials both in this forum and on youtube. I’m going to attach a link that has been very helpful for me, and I wish I had seen it months ago.

I hope @sqw doesn’t mind, as he posted it here recently. He makes it so understandable, I was like, “aha!”


First thing I think is to forget that it is for the Glowforge and just play with the program for its own sake look at each pull down playing with the commands without looking for an endpoint.

If you have or can set up a second screen and can keep all the extra windows open so you can watch them, it will improve your learning speed considerably.

Add to that the program Gimp that is very powerful in dealing with pixels while Inkscape is very powerful in dealing with vectors but very few tools for modifying pixels. Both programs have many pop-up windows that are useful for both seeing and manipulation the work, and very much worth the relatively low price of even a somewhat low rez screen .


Welcome @coy_y2k1. There are some good YouTube videos specific for the Glowforge that work very well for introducing concepts.

One way to start is to have a definite project you are trying to tackle. That in itself can be difficult to decide on.

I have done well with Inkscape, but I still don’t understand some of the basic workflow of GIMP for doing rasters and manipulating photos. I use it, but only after many frustrating dead ends. I don’t engrave a whole lot of stuff unless it’s done with filled shapes from my vectors.

Keep trying. It’s worth it for sure.

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