Ok....unboxed does not find setup.glowforge.com

I have the top open. I can’t connect at the setup.glowforge.com where do I go from here?

Which step did you get hung up on?

It doesn’t do anything. :thinking: says can’t find the address

There’s one section where you have to hit the Continue button in the app before connecting and it doesn’t actually say that anywhere, is that the spot?

(I’m not real good at Wifi issues, so be warned up front.)

Thanks. I’ll keep trying

I usually send folks to this video by @rpegg, it seems to help:


There’s a video that @rpegg put together that helps a lot of folks:

And @cynd11 beat me to it while I was searching the link. :rofl:


I’ve got it bookmarked!


Thanks. I have POWER!!:sunglasses:


Actually, I am that guy that ALWAYS is in line when there’s a price check. ALWAYS! I think it has just been a test of my patience. :grin:


Ok…like I said, always a price check. While I’m going through this my wife says to call her mom. (Needed talked through hooking up her DVD player… and our pug chose that moment to put his cold nose up my butt! Ha! ) sometimes it never ends…
Anywho… success. Thank you soo very much.
Now I need to find all the stuff I’ve been hoarding… and thanks to @rpegg really good video.


So glad you are finally ready to have fun! Hopefully the pug will take a nap…


Thanks for the assist @Cynd11. So amazing to see everyone race to help.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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