On my Glowforge Pro, what's that round thing above the power switch?

I’m looking at the back of my Glowforge Pro and right above where the power switch is and the power cord plugs in, is a round metal ring with a black cylinder inside of it. the black cylinder has a piece of wire on it.

What is this thing? A Fues? I looked in the user’s manual but didn’t see any description of what this is.

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It’s the safety interlock connector, an industry standard and only on the pro.

If removed (or with the appropriate switch connected), it will disable the machine. Doesn’t affect power, just halts it.


It’s the Safety Interlock mentioned in this thread:


cool thanks… where can I find out more on this?

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In the documentation that was sent - only to Pro owners as that’s who it applies to.

A lot of people who don’t own the Pro, or have not read the docs or tested it, think it affects power. It does not. It simply halts operation.


Regarding the linked post above, the interlock connector is wired directly to the main control board and in some instances, the error posted there has occurred. It was more than certainly a break in the wiring or a disconnection to the board, but neither would be serviceable by the average owner. Out of over 100,000 machines, this has been reported here only a handful of times.

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thank you for your detailed reply, I really appreciate it. I was just curious what it does and thought it might have been a fuse, or had some other purpose, like attaching some kind of accessory.

Thanks again.
– Greg

It’s a legal thing because of the higher power output of the Pro.

You can buy a big red button you could wire up and slam on if someone walked into the room without safety glasses. I don’t even know where my glasses are (and have never used them.)

Not a fuse, not connected to the power supply.


Like this, for example.

From way back before they implemented the pause button… which makes this even less useful.

Also, if you want the connector, buy it now, because it has been discontinued. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Amphenol-Tuchel/T-3200-001?qs=uBJgxS%2BI7qlccoeIQdChGw%3D%3D … actually, I wonder if Glowforge has changed it in that case.

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