Openglow is dead. Long live Openglow!

Edit 9/29/2022 - Looks like it’s back up!

Found this snapshot, there’s some non-zero number of people who will find this interesting.

We don’t deserve the internet archive, it’s right up there with wikipedia.


I removed my bookmark to it a few days ago actually.

Sadly it looks like they didn’t archive the discussions, only the titles :frowning: Not that it was something I was looking into, I just like reading :slight_smile:

I believe they dropped all the content into a Git repository. Someone here probably has the link. @PrintToLaser maybe? (I don’t know why I think he might but something in the back of my head says he posted about it last year.)

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All I have is aGlowforge Parts (2.9 MB)
. I will always think kindly of Scott for that. He eviscerated his basic long before the warranty was up and researched/documented the components of the machine - and shared it.


This is truly an amazing find, hats off to scott, I am sure people at GF corporate where not happy about this, But I also commend them for not stifling the information, Hats off to Dan as well for that.


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Whomp, I didn’t dig too far into it. This thread has a couple of other useful links, so there’s that.

Although, huh, I just tested it:

That seems to be an archived discussion?


Sometimes I think about what could have been if Glowforge had gone in a different direction, opened things up, and encouraged (or even just stayed out of the way of) the community to contribute to the software and hardware.

When I look at something like Home Assistant, it’s mind-blowing how vibrant the ecosystem is, with a constant stream of improvements and additions beyond just what the company behind it is driving.

One area that I still believe could have a huge positive impact would be some sort of add-on facility for the app. I know there’s a revenue stream now with the Premium subscription and tools, but I don’t think that would be hurt by an API for third-party extensions. I’ve made a couple of hacky-hacks over the years, and I’m always reluctant to go there because I know it’s not going to be reliable and will break quickly. Not to mention it’s really hard. But it shows how far some of us are willing to go to make improvements.


Your sound extension is a must-have, and has been rock solid.

I’ve tried looking at the code and deciphering how to make it alert at the stages of a passthrough job, but I’ve always hit a wall of “I’ll have to get really serious about figuring this out” and turned back.

Anyway, the way it works now is awesome, and even moreso if you have lots of UI tabs open because they all chime in quick sequence leading to a great echo-ish alert :slight_smile:


I often eye my glowforge, and start thinking, a vacuum addition to the crumb tray,
so I attach the exhaust into the Crumb tray and so it acts as a combination paper holder, and also draws smoke to the outside, and think of opening up a hole in the bottom, and attaching a vacuum seal, that can also be used to engrave bottles and round objects with a scissor jack type jig, and then add…

Then I wake up

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yes, what inspired my idea. . .

I’m bumping this as I wish to revive the openglow project and wonder if there is any interest in the community?

check out my “opened glowforge” thread. I try and continue the tradition


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What aspect of it are you looking to revive?

I am willing to donate a basic motherboard to a programmer for the purposes of hacking into it and figuring a way to make it a local device…

DM me