Orange Button issue on newly setup refurbished machine

So, I will preface this by saying that I had my original GF about a month before it gave a purple button issue constantly. They ended up replacing it with a USED (refurbished) model.
I just received my replacement GF TODAY. I let it sit for 7 hours to get acclimated to any temp change. It connected to the internet fine. I went to make my FIRST cut and it stopped. It gave an orange button. Nothing cut. I powered down. I have done many steps. To sum it up, I have unplugged and removed the power cord at both ends. Plugged it securely back in. Removed the laser head, took it apart to make sure everything was in place. Did a couple of other steps that I saw online. I also followed the directions on this: Orange button - #4 from the forum.
My GF is downstairs in an environment that is 70 degrees all year round. It is vented outside and also attached to a blower that helps pull the fumes out. (the blower is from a heating and cooling place, so it has a good suction as we also have a spray booth attached on the other end.)
This is my second GF. I even changed the file used in hopes that was the issue.
I took video of the issue as it happened. Every time, this was just after powering up and letting it get centered, scanning, etc. I press the white button and it immediately goes orange.
Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life
Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

I had concerns about receiving a refurbished machine to replace my new one. This is exactly why. No idea what issue this model has with the previous user.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.