Orange light and fuzzy images

My GF Pro is 8 months old. I’ve only printed on slate and per on average one per few days. No wood, acrylic etc and therefore my machine is like brand new as far as dust and debris is concerned ( as well as the circuit boards ). All lenses are clean, ribbon is clipped correctly, no visible damage and crumb tray is securely placed in unobstructed grooves.

For the very first time, I switched on, laser head danced a different tune, an orange light appeared, I panicked and cut the power but the following day switched on after resetting the arm and head top left with the power off. Warm up flashed orange again. Repeat. Blue light, all systems go, printed image, fuzzy result. Used a previously great result, same settings etc… Fuzzy once again. Definitely a GF issue therefore. Does anybody have suggestions? Thanks in advance

When you say fuzzy result do you mean that the engrave is out of focus? Could you supply a photo?

The photo of the couple came out perfectly a few days ago so I ran a test on that one using exactly the same settings after the other image came out blurry. The room temperature was at 8°C at the time of printing. I used the set focus too.

It would be easier to determine if there is a problem if you would engrave/cut a known Glowforge file. If you could print the Gift of Good Measure on copy paper using the 20# settings and post the pictures someone may have some ideas.

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The Glowforge Basic is designed for use between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75°F (24°C). The Pro has an expanded operating range up to 81°F (27°C).


Minimum operating temperature is around 16ºC. The machine is designed for use indoors under normal comfortable, habitable temperatures.

Room temperature should be 16°C?? I thought it was 5°C???


60ºF ~ 16ºC.

The machine should never be exposed to temps below 5ºC, but minimum operating temperature is higher.

  • Basic and Plus: Between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius)
  • Pro: Between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius)

As well as the official support page linked above, it’s also covered in the instruction manual.


What a banana I am… :weary: Thank you

If there is a chance to get below 0°C you could destroy the whole machine by breaking the tube, even if not plugged in.

Ok guys… I’m operating at 18°C and still have blurry, fuzzy images. I’ve got 8 products to finish for Christmas presents and need urgent help/advise please. All lenses are clean, zero debris or dust, set focus is used?

Kindly print the Gift of Good Meaure using Proofgrade settings and post the results. It is necessary to rule out problems with the particular files and material you are using.

I just realized you are printing on slate. Is it possible that your source (or your source’s source) has a different material? All slate is not the same.

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I’ve been using the same slate for months from three sources and never had this issue?

The GOGM looks clean but hasn’t cut all the way through as seen here?

I could only just about push through these two circles and nothing else?

Have you cleaned the main lens and replaced it upside down? ( it should be cup side up) And also checked the window under the left side of the gantry?

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Well the gift of good measure looks focused and the material may have swelled with humidity which would impact the cut through.
Is the slate flat and are you certain the machine is focusing correctly on it? Do you see the red dot hit it during the focus?

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