Orange light within seconds of turning on machine

Orange light within seconds of turning on machine. Nothing has changed about temperature in the room or outside. I did cut earlier this morning and then nothing but orange the rest of the day. I have contacted support and they intermittently answer my emails. I’m looking here for any other suggestions. I have cleaned all fans, lens, checked the white cable, restart computer and router.

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You are talking about the button that lights up when you click print, correct? Does anything come up on your interface after the light turns yellow?

Yes, the button the actual glowforge. No, I turn the machine on and in about 15 secs get a orange light and no message on my computer.

It doesn’t sound like its anything obvious is you have already reset your printer head and disconnected and re connected the white cable. Usually staff has to step in at that point to help. My suggestion is just more along the lines of getting resolution quickly once staff steps in.

Up to you but I would go ahead and do the steps in this post and post the needed pictures to your thread so that staff can quickly be able to assist:

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It appears that you have written two posts to support here on the forum, which opens two support tickets. Opening more than one ticket will slow their response time down.


Oh no, I’m sorry for the trouble. We’ve just responded to your email request. To simplify our communication, we’re going to close this Forum post.