Original buyer benefits transferable if I give away or sell my Glowforge?

It’s of value to every customer who wants to read it. I’m not one of them but I’m sure, like me, you can see that the value is set by the person viewing it.

Yes, but since it’s electronic, who cares. It can evolve weekly, daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute and you would always be viewing the up-to-date version.

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Ahhhh…I see. We just want it now. Kind of like our GF :relaxed:

As having written any number of manuals for a variety of things – having incomplete or preliminary copies out there can be disastrous. Someone does something that doesn’t work or even worse, causes a real problem, and then says about an early version of the incomplete manual “…but the manual said…”

Maybe its just me, but I was raised as a child that just because I want a thing doesn’t mean I should get that thing – and wanting it now never meant I got it now. Just my opinion of course :slight_smile:


And After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true. - Spock


And that was one of the best episodes.
(Right behind “The Trouble with Tribbles”…because…Tribbles.)


Since warranty stuff is probably all lawyers, my guess is Dan can’t release it until the lawyers tell him he can, even if it’s been sitting there done for months.

Hanging back at least on the manual gives the GF gods the chance to be tweaking it through pre-release/beta user input without getting innundated with questions from the masses. When we see how many questions Dan gets after a quick update, I can only imagine that releasing any version of an in-process manual is going to open up a massive set of floodgates, and personally I’d much rather see the affected people get hit with that craziness once the machines are shipping. (and it stands to reason that some of whatever those questions may be could probably be easily answered once people have the machine in-hand)


We prioritize resources based on urgency, and haven’t prioritized finalizing these yet.

We are continuously improving the manual based on feedback. We’ll share it publicly when we feel like it’s in great shape.

I apologize but I still don’t understand. Are you talking about a friend? Or someone who you will identify? Or someone we identify?


E.g. My friend bought a pro, he wants to cancel, but I offered to buy his unit instead of him canceling. That way I get a discounted pro, and earlier shipping.


Excellent :slight_smile:

Seems like if they are Friends they could work it out between themselves and give the new name and address when asked. Glowforge wouldn’t need to do anything. If they are not Friends then it’s just his way of moving up in line at a price that is no longer offered.

But maybe I’m dense.


He’s wondering if the warranty will transfer


Yeah, understood. Just thinking that if they work it out themselves and the official new name and address is given before shipping then the new guy is the only person for which the warranty is attached. Just like the folks that bought the GF as a gift for someone else. Now if they don’t trust each other then they’re not really friends. And if it’s not an exchange between friends it would be no different than if I asked for GF to move me up in line to the next person that cancels. Not really fair to someone way back in line.

Transference of warranty after receipt is something different.

Guess it doesn’t matter much since he wouldn’t want my opinion anyway.


I think maybe the important point wasn’t expressed clearly enough. It’s the fact that it was supposed to ship months ago yet these things still aren’t finished. So how could they have thought they were remotely close to shipping? You can’t tell me they just smacked themselves on the forehead in November saying “Whoa, dude! Look at that! We thought we were ready to ship in a few days but all of a sudden, out of nowhere, like a rogue lightning bolt on a seemingly clear sunny day, we’re actually not even remotely close. Don’t even have the warranty info. Don’t even have the manual.”

And here we are months later and the warranty still isn’t even hammered out. Like I said, I don’t even care about that. I just see it as an indicator of considerably larger issues.


Star Hedgies!


That’s brilliant! They do look like hedgies! :grin:

I’m not sure – but I don’t think they ever said the warranty wasn’t done – only that they weren’t putting it out there yet. Perhaps the only part they haven’t decided on yet is the part about how transferable it is, given all the permutations of ownership/trading/selling etc.

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The net difference being 0 out here in the real world. And if it’s done, give it to us. I mean, what the hell. And we can speculate on what they have or haven’t decided on all day, but again that doesn’t change the fact that they supposedly expected to ship months ago so how do they not know the answers to these things even today?

Look… What I do know is, I have very little faith in the company shipping production units in 2017. If the April “thousands in production” forecast comes to fruition I’ll get back on the bandwagon.

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We don’t take that approach, since it gives us less flexibility. For example, increasing warranty protection from 6 to 12 months was much easier than it would have been if we’d published a warranty and had to change it - even though it was to everyone’s benefit.

It never fails to surprise me how much time and money lawyers can take up, and how much it has to affect the decisions we make.


To me that’s kind of a cop out. To paraphrase, “We didn’t do it because it would have been a little harder.” There are amendments or addendums to warranties all the time in the world. I’m sure there’s some effort involved. Yes, it was easier to do it the way you did it, but that doesn’t mean it was the best answer. {insert some “road less traveled” cliche here} You do a thing because it’s right, not because it’s easier. If the right thing happens to be easy, that’s great, but I submit it rarely is.

And I’m not saying what you did was “wrong.” To be perfectly clear again, in and of itself I don’t care that the warranty’s not published. Just that the fact that it’s not published lends itself to my suspicion that there are still lots of big-ticket items that aren’t done yet and that the mark will be missed yet again.

Heh. I have no doubt. I’ve said that repeatedly throughout these forums.


Yes exactly. Another recent example here: How long will shipping take?. They haven’t negotiated with shipping companies yet, another indication that we are not close to volume shipping.

The announcement in December that shipping was delayed because there were reliability problems was just a smokescreen. Yes there may well have been reliability problems but they also could not ship in December because:

  1. Didn’t have the final production hardware with shielded plastic.
  2. Software for even the basic model nowhere near finished.
  3. Didn’t have regulatory approvals (would need the final production hardware).
  4. Hadn’t finalised the manual (I think the safety part would need to be done to get approvals).
  5. Hadn’t sorted out shipping.

And three months later I can’t see any of these are done yet. Who thinks that in two months all these things will suddenly be done? That fact that nothing is finalised ahead of time means everything is on the critical path.

And how credible were any of the previous proposed shipping dates?


I don’t have much to contribute to the warranty discussion, aside from the fact that I don’t particularly mind not having it until production units are shipping. No reason to release something publicly if it isn’t final.

That said, I’ve seen people in the discussion talk about a March shipping date… and I want to temper people’s expectations. The actual deadline per the last update is July 31st for early and August 30th for late. There is no March deadline. There is no April, May or June deadline. There are just two; July 31st and August 31st.

Please temper your expectations so that you aren’t disappointed when March 31st rolls by and you don’t have your unit.