Original buyer benefits transferable if I give away or sell my Glowforge?


I’m one of those people who pre-purchased as part of your crowd funding campaign. I purchased on October 23, 2015. I was disappointed at the delays, but I have not decided to cancel because of it. BUT I do have a question.

If after receiving my Glowforge, I decide to give it away or sell it, will the person buying it inherit or retain all the original benefits that I had because of my original buyer status? (extended warranty, credits towards materials, etc.)?




I think this is the same question, I couldn’t find any further updates:

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Thanks. Hopefully they’ll clarify on this. I want to know what my options are, in case I do decide to sell after I receive the unit.

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We haven’t decided that yet, so best to assume no.


Ok thanks for the reply. Seems a little odd that a manufacturer wouldn’t at least maintain a product warranty even with transfer of the product to a new owner, but thanks for the reply anyway.


Hello—any ETA or update on the official position for this question/topic re: transferable warranties, transferable crowdfunding buyer benefits?


No, we’ll post here when there’s new information, and will include the warranty details when we notify you that your unit is ready for shipment.

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I have asked numerous times to upgrade to a pro. I assume there has been many that have asked for refunds. Can I assume someones order of a pro that wants a refund. I ordered early but never saw a message for the price increase. It seems to me like a win/win.

I can’t find it right now, but that has been asked a couple times before here on the forums, and the answer was no.

(Sorry about that.) :neutral_face:

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Perhaps you can find somebody nearby that wants to downgrade and then physically swap your machines if they ever arrive.


Editing because my answer was unclear:

If you’re asking if we can pair existing customers with people who requested refunds, then I’m afraid not.


Any explanation? I am a little confused on why you would not let someone take an others place. I would think the ones that have stuck with you and have patiently waited may get some benefit. I purchased and had material and product shipped to me in November when I was told they were shipping in December. When shipping was delayed it became obvious that when I was told they were shipping, Glowforge must have know there were problems. It just seems that the company might want to treat its backers a little better.
Jim Young

Somehow I think they would tell us that the warranty is not transferrable. I just question both the customer service and ethics in play here.

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It seems a bit odd that you do not have a warranty policy… yet. And furthermore you find it acceptable not to tell us what it is until you are shipping? Treat us with some respect please!


I think Dan may have been responding to your request to upgrade to a Pro, not to swap machines with another person.

I agree. Why isn’t there a clear warranty policy being stated? I’ve never heard of a product manufacturer not honoring at least their product warranty, even if it was given away/re-sold. I understand if you modify the product from the original manufacturer’s specs to void a warranty, but to basically say the warranty is void if ownership transfers to someone else, seems odd to say the least.

Maybe this lack of response needs to be broadcast on social media channels so all these buyers in waiting are at least made aware of this policy on a what I think is a pretty significant topic.

Regardless on whether he was responding on another topic, the fact remains that the terms of the warranty have not been clearly stated, and the manufacturer seems hesitant to make a clear stand on what the warranty policy terms and conditions are.

This is an expensive piece of hardware, which has gone through numerous shipping delays. The consumer just wants some assurances. We don’t want to invest in something and not know what our options are.

And a 3 word response feels like dodging, rather than answering the question. I believe there is more going on and that the relative silence shows us the condition of the company behind the scene. Transparency has never been there strength and it does not instill confidence.


There have been several vigorous discussion on the Terms of Service that apply to the Glowforge in the past year and a half. It seems that we really are responsible for clicking through and reading the details and seeing if we agree to them or not.


I did read those.

These issues regarding product warranty aren’t clearly addressed in those T&C’s, and Dan Shapiro from Glowforge himself has said that those details of the product warranty haven’t been decided on yet. So I don’t think it’s about clicking through and reading the details and seeing if we agree on them on or not. They point is—they haven’t been decided on and conveyed yet. So there’s nothing to agree or disagree on at this point.

The point the op and I were trying to make was it doesn’t seem fair or reasonable to the consumer to not clearly define product warranty details until the product ships. This is an important detail that consumer of this product should know way in advance.