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I ordered a basic Glowforge, and will be piping the hose out of my window. I live in an apartment building and was wondering about how strong the burning smells will be apparent to the occasional passerby. My question is, do you think that my neighbors will call the fire department on me?


I also live in an apartment building and have the same concerns. I found this post helpful:


There are a few others in the forum as well. Try just searching for “venting” and you’ll find some good stuff.


This has come up before…the conclusion is that some people close enough may notice, depending on what you are cut/etching. Bone and antler are said to smell like burning hair and neighbors will very much notice. Wood, acrylic, stone, ceramic…seem to be much less than say a barbeque or smoking tobacco. - Rich

Edit: remember the air assist and fan will be mixing a lot of air with any exhaust.


No worse than burning wood in the fireplace… although Acrylic and leather may give you some strange looks…


my condo complex has the ‘clip board brigade’… so I ordered a filter.

the brigade is so bad that when I was doing spinal rehab on my rear paralyzed bunny in his cart someone came running down stairs to tell me that I wasn’t allowed to have him on the sidewalk I needed to bring him to the area that the dogs where in…I ignored here…yes lets bring my very special needs rabbit to the dog zone (he did successfully learn to walk again btw)


:fearful::rabbit: glad he’s ok now…


sadly he is not so his spinal issue was three years ago I rehabbed him but two years later he re herniated the same disk. so I did the spinal surgery to relive the pressure and he was recovery from that however he passed away one night. copy paste from the vet
Yes, the necropsy report was just finalized and the probable cause of death was severe myocardial fibrosis (scarring) in the left ventricle of the heart. This likely lead to an arrhythmia which caused death. The spinal cord had an area of focal compression at the surgical site that was consistent with healing post-operatively. The abdomen and lungs did not show significant changes. For what its worth, myocardial fibrosis is being appreciated more often in rabbits but we don’t understand the underlying cause(s) yet. There was likely nothing more you could have done for Albert given the changes in his heart.

sorry for the derail, just was offering my experience at my condo and how some people can be ‘rule pushers’ with out the question be hind the question and common sense etc… so if you are in a complex that is ‘touchy’ (air quotes on purpose) then I would recommend a filter

Video of albert in his cart

I have videos of him just a month after walking again, but they are to big to upload


RIP sweet little brave bunny. :rabbit::cry:


Sorry, I couldn’t resist…you mean like a look of astonishment, embarrassment, or anger? :wink::grin:


Possibly all three…lol

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That’s very sad. Albert was really lucky to have you to love and care for him.


this is also a good thread: Venting the GF to the outside world


You are a caring wonderful pet owner🤗

Yeah, I literally couldn’t read this the other day…we found a neighbor’s bunny on our deck with a broken back. Don’t know how it happened, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t do anything for him. (Too much trouble for them to bother with.)

Still makes me a bit sick to think about it.

so they can break there back by being held wrong they kick out there back legs with such force they can snap there back so you need to support all feet at all times

The bunny was alone on the deck - we figured a dog might have gotten it…:disappointed:

You could always try the stoner method:

A little packet of activated charcoal and some dryer sheets in the exhaust pipe to lighten and disguise the smoke smell. Pot heads have been using a similar setup for covert recreation for years.

Er… or so I’ve read… in books… at the library.

… SCATTER! :astonished:


Room-mates in college used that method. Chuckle! :sweat_smile:

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Be interesting to see if we’ve embarked on a new 30-year cancer development program that will have our kids (or theirs) asking the same questions we asked of RJ Reynolds and coming up with new financial settlements to pay for the public health care ramifications (although likely diverted like today’s revenue into general operations and woefully little to the health or prevention programs they’re supposed to fund).

Maybe a “Thank You for Smoking Volume 2” will be in order.

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When I was in college, I worked at the office of housing one summer. Part of our job was inspecting all the rooms and reporting any damage. One of the common things we found was the smoke detectors taken down. I think we charged $25-30 for that.

Well, that obviously led to the phone call from the parents. I had to politely explain that there was no chance a janitor took it down to replace the battery because they replace the full unit, and I have no idea why your child would have taken it down. I really really wanted to say “you precious child most likely removed it because they wanted to smoke something, legal or illegal, in there room”.