Part missing on my forge?

I took the left side panel off recently to replace something and noticed an empty spot in front of the fan. In instructional videos, it shows a series of metal panels there. What is that part and is it ok that my glowforge doesn’t have it?

Looks like it’s maybe a heatsink. Not sure if it’s possibly for specific models, but my Basic does not have it.


It is the heatsink for the peltier cooler in the Pro that allows it to run at higher power.

That’s an old pic, the fins are all the same height in my pro (one of the earliest).


I think that is the newer version as it has the spiral design instead of the honeycomb in the fan. It makes it a lot easier to clean the exhaust fan which is extra pain in the honeycomb version. But yes it is only with the pro and not the other versions.


Good catch.

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That’s so interesting! Thanks for the reply. I have a Plus, not a Pro, so I guess it’s only in the Pro.

It may have been on the early Plus, which had the same power rating as the Pro.

Yes, the heatsink is only in the pro :blush:


Nope, the extra cooling is a Pro-only feature. The early version of the Plus got the beefier tube but lacked the extra cooling.


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