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Hi all,

I’m finally ready to try the pass through on my pro. I’m already able to break up long designs in Corel Draw, so my question is this:
Does anyone line up their design pieces using just the camera? Is that even possible?

I won’t say it is impossible but unless you have one of the units where everything is dead on I think you will have better luck just moving your materials mathematically.


Thank you Mark. I think Glowforge needs to start paying attention to what their customers needs for ease of use.

I cut out a 12” diameter circle 1/2 at a time, just using the camera. Worked great.

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Thank you John! You know, I’m going to give it a whirl and see if it works for me too.

If you put little circles just outside your area you wish to cut in a different color near where you wish to join the design parts and score them at max speed lowest power. then when you move the material make sure you move it only back and forth in the “Y” direction making sure the pins hold the direction exactly. Then using the arrow keys only move the design to the new position as best you can and re run the circles scores. If off (and it should be vertically only) just scooch either the cut or the wood so that is the perfect location and try again. When the circles line up the rest will too.


Interesting thought to use registration marks. Certainly something to consider! Thank you!

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Hi @victorysprings

The Passthrough slot makes it possible to make enormous prints! You can fit extremely long material in to create spectacular things like furniture.

To use the passthrough, you run the first part of your print, move the material, run the next part, etc. To line up each print with the previous one, you can use a ruler, a jig that you print, or the camera.

Here’s a great post from a customer describing their Passthrough technique: Passthrough Alignment Tutorial with Manual Indexing

And this one shows how a customer worked on a big cut. Matching up cuts on the pass through slot - making a RC airplane

Here’s one of my favorite recent examples from a customer that shows you can make something big: First Passtrough project - bunk bed decoration

I hope this helps!


Great info Ryan! Thank you so much for taking all that time to provide the links as well.

When I made the bed, I made tiny registration marks on the sides of the design. I put a piece of tape on the bed where the registration marks had to align, and each time I would move the design I would just move the next registration mark so it’s in line with the tape for the start of the next cut.


Excellent idea! Thank you!

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