Passthrough Not processing

Hi community I am having issues with my passthrough. I am attempting to just a very simple jig of only 4 rectangles. However when I try to use passthrough when I start the print process an error keeps coming up that the print cannot align and I have to align manually. Usually this is fine if it would print/cut the first part of the project. The interface seems to think it has cut the first section and that it is lining up the second step. Has anyone encountered this before? If so what did you do to correct the issue. I had the same problem last week and just scaled down my project, thinking it was just something that was temporarily malfunctioning.


It might be the “very simple” part making things difficult for you. Since GF uses the lid camera for alignment, it needs enough to see. Try putting some sharpie marks on the masking or pieces of contrasting tape (if you don’t use masking) on your material to give the camera more to match up.


You already asked this question, if someone had a suggestion they would have replied:

Why did you link back to this same thread?

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It’s not cutting the first part of the print. So there is nothing to line up. GF interface thinks it’s on a alignment cut when it’s the primary cut that I’m trying to get going.

That is a great suggestion if I can get it to cut the first part though, to make sure it’s a nice clean pass through.

I’m not sure if you are intentionally giving non-constructive feedback, this is the first I’ve posted of this issue and it is in the correct category within the community.

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Hrm… that is an odd one.
To ask silly questions - have you restarted the GF and cleared your browser cookies?

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I have restarted the gf and still have had this issue for the last two weeks but didn’t actually need to print the pass through just playing, but now I actually have a need to print a pass through.
I did not think to clear my Browser cookies, thank you for the suggestion I will try and let you know.

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You literally shared this exact topic. Totally unhelpful and if I was the OP, I would be very frustrated at this. In my opinion, it would be more appropriate to just keep scrolling than to share links that are not helpful.

Did you mean to post another other topic that was closed? Sometimes it’s just good to sit on your hands and let things play out as it goes.

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