Perfect Alignment Every Time - The Fiducial Alignment Ruler (design in post)


Any tips on filling the marks on acrylic? I used a dark blue acrylic and has thinking about using a white grease pencil but haven’t purchased one yet.


That will work or acrylic paint works ok.

I usually use white acrylic and a dry erase marker


Black alcohal based ink worked for me


How fabulous! Thank you for an amazing share!


I am a newbie — is this in svg format, or do I have to have AI to open and save as an svg?
Thank you so much and thank you @takitus


So…I’m at the GF, with the ruler printed inside, I loaded up another file with the ruler in it…and it’s not doing squat. How exactly am I supposed to use this?


Do you have snapmarks on your machine? (Little magnet icon)?


This is AWESOME! Took the file into AutoCAD and now I’m creating several other “templates” and jigs with it. Great idea!!!


I do not. Shouldn’t I have by now? What’s going on with all the missing features of this thing @dan?

It’s been over three years since kickstarter.


It’s not a promised feature or a missing feature. It’s something in beta right now that only some people have while they’re testing it, and is given out randomly.

Unfortunately this particular device is of little to no use without snapmarks being enabled on your machine.


Not that’s I’ve got it back I need to make these. Curses - another project :wink:


Took me being home sick to get around to these but I finally made a set.

Thanx again.


Great looking magnets in these pics!


You got that right! I use them all the time.


I don’t mean this feature itself, but a ton of the alignment, passthrough slot stuff, etc are still MIA.


That they are. From my understanding, snapmarks are a usable midway point between release and fully automated passthrough alignment.


Yes I feel the same way!

I’m a stickler for perfection, and I’ve been hoping Snapmarks gets added to my account, I have a lot of uses for it.